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Dennis Gates’ roster continues to take shape

Mizzou Links for April 12, 2022.

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New coolest Mizzou Basketball name?

Dennis Gates’ first big recruiting weekend finally yielded some results on Monday.

After hosting at least six visitors over the weekend and officially announcing the arrival of C.Y. Young as the new Associate Head Coach, Gates finally landed himself a new Tiger on Monday afternoon. The name was a bit surprising given how low profile it was in comparison to some of the other targets. But there’s no doubt he is a player that was on Gates’ radar early on and will immediately bring familiarity with the new coach to the locker room.

Gomillion, aside from having an absolutely sick last name, is definitely a culture add for Gates and his staff. If you do any reading online, you’ll see his name pop up as one of the leaders of Gates’ program at Cleveland State. His raw numbers aren’t eye-popping, but he’s got good underlying production — his offensive rating sat at 110.2 last season, while he shot 42.9 percent from three and posted a total effective FG percentage of 56.8 (which would’ve been second on Mizzou last year after Trevon Brazile.) Gomillion was also the Horizon League’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2020-2021 and was named third team All-Horizon in 2021-2022.

Speaking of Cleveland State transfers, Gomillion may not be the only one headed to Columbia.

Many of you are aware of Hodge — Cleveland State’s best overall player last season — and how he was also on campus this past weekend. All the chatter seems to suggest he may be joining Gates soon, and at least one Horizon League journalist spilled that he thought Gates’ Monday afternoon bat signal was for Hodge. At the very least, Hodge is very comfortable with that Z-O-U chant. Can’t hurt, right?

Yesterday at Rock M

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This feels like a really good fit for Pickett. SLU is in need of veteran leadership, which Pickett brings in spades... along with tournament experience. He’ll also be stepping down a level in competition, meaning his contributions shouldn’t suffer. It’s also close to home, so he should get to enjoy plenty of time playing in front of friends and family. Congrats, Javon!

  • Some more recruiting happened at Mizzou on Monday, and it took place outside of Dennis Gates’ purview...