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Tiger Style Represented at the USMC US Open

The USMC US Open Wrestling Championships take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and gives wrestlers a chance to qualify for the World Team Trials at the end of May

Brock Mauller
@Tony_Rotundo on Twitter

Tiger Style wrestling will be represented by five different individuals at this year’s USMC US Wrestling Open in the Freestyle division. Assistant coaches Dom Bradley and Kendric Maple, currently rostered Brock Mauller and Duwayne Villalpando (U20), and former Tiger Joey Lavallee will all be in attendance at the tournament in Vegas this year. Additionally, current Tiger commit Ryan Boersma (125 kg) of Illinois will be competing in the U20 division for Freestyle. (Watch Here)

Kendric Maple (65 kg)

  • Opens as a 6-Seed
  • Entered via lost bet to Keegan O’Toole for winning Junior World Championships
  • Current Mizzou Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • 3x NCAA All-American at Oklahoma (1x Champ)
  • 2018 US Team Member
  • Former assistant at Oklahoma, Purdue, & Nebraska

Brock Mauller (70 kg)

  • Opens as a 5-Seed
  • Current rostered Mizzou Wrestler
  • 2x All-American

Joey Lavallee (74 kg)

  • Opens as a 4-Seed
  • Former Mizzou Wrestler
  • 1x All-American

Duwayne Villalpando (92 kg)

  • Freshman at Mizzou
  • Competing in the U20 Division

Dominique Bradley (125 kg)

  • Opens as a 2-Seed
  • Current Mizzou Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • Former Mizzou Wrestler
  • 2x All-American

The US Open will take place April 27 through May 1 and will further establish Team USA’s World Team. The top seven of each weight division will qualify for the World Team Trials Challenge.

There are two current Tigers who have already punched their ticket to the Challenge, Keegan O’Toole and Rocky Elam. Both O’Toole and Elam have qualified for the challenge via becoming 2021 Junior World champions. O’Toole has confirmed via FloWrestling interview on The Bader Show that he will not be attending this year due to injury. It is yet to be determined if Elam will be attending.

The World Team Trials Challenge Tournament features top Olympic hopefuls in the three Olympic styles: men’s freestyle, women’s freestyle and Greco-Roman. The winners and potential runner-ups will advance to Final X in June.

Mizzou currently has one former wrestler who has already punched his ticket to Final X, J’den Cox. J’den gets an automatic bid due to his 2021 World Bronze Medal. He has yet to confirm his invitation and it is unknown which weight class he will enter.

Final X is the last step in the Senior World Team Trials process. It is a best 2 out of 3 competition among two qualified contestants in 10 different weight classes. The winners of these matches will determine the 2022 U.S. Senior World Team roster, who will compete in Belgrade, Serbia, Sept. 12-18.