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USMC US Open Tiger Style Wrestling Results

Tiger Style Wrestling took on the US Open Wrestling Tournament over the weekend and came out with positive results.

Mizzou coaches and team celebrate during a dual meet
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

The 2022 USMC US Open has come to a conclusion and it was an exciting event for Tiger Style wrestling followers!

The Tigers were represented by a total of 5 wrestlers including two coaches, one alumnus, one active wrestler, and one future Tiger. It was a successful trip for the program with the two coaches advancing to the next stage. Along with advancement, Assistant Coach Maple also walked away with most outstanding wrestlers for the tournament.

All wrestlers competed within the freestyle division and results are as followed:

Ryan Boersma: U20 Men’s Freestyle (kg) Finish: 2nd

  • R64: Bye
  • R32: VSU (0:39, 10-0) over J. Garcia (CA)
  • R16: VSU1 (1:49, 11-1) over B. Moore II (WY)
  • QF: VSU1 (4:08, 11-1) over C. Horne (STWC)
  • SF: VPO1 (8-4) over H. Katka (SERT)
  • Finals: N. Feldman VSU (10-0) over Boersma

Brock Mauller: Senior Men’s Freestyle (70kg) Finish: 8th

  • R64: Bye
  • R32: M. Blockhus (GWC) VPO1 (7-4) over Mauller
  • Cons R32: VSU (10-0, 1:38) over R. Fillingame (CA)
  • Cons R16: VSU (11-0, 0:28) over J. Hanenberg (WCO)
  • Cons R16 (2): VSU (11-0, 0:34) over D.Hayes (IOWA)
  • Cons R8: VPO1 (8-4) over E. Perkin (TMWC)
  • Cons R8 (2): VFA (4:46) over E.Scott (TMWC)
  • Cons R4: M. Blockhus VPO1 (8-5) over B. Mauller
  • 7th Place Match: D. Morton (WWC) VPO (3-3) over B. Mauller

Joey Lavallee: Senior Men's Freestyle (74kg) Finish: Injury Default

  • R64: Bye
  • R32: A. Cerniglia (PA) VSU over Lavallee
  • R16: N. Demison (ALL NAVY) VIN over Lavallee

Kendric Maple: Senior Men's Freestyle (65kg) Finish: 1st

  • R64: Bye
  • R32: VSU (1:28) over K. Shoop (BULL)
  • R16: VSU (2:48) over T. Smith (BRNS)
  • QF: VFA (2:42, 6-0) over #3 L. Pletcher (TMWC)
  • SF: VPO1 (3-2) over #2 P. Lugo (HWC)
  • Finals: VFA over #5 M. Kolodzik (NYAC)

Dominique Bradley: Senior Men's Freestyle (125kg) Finish: 2nd

  • R32: Bye
  • R16: VSU (2:17, 11-0) over L. Fernandes (SPAR)
  • QF: VSU (5-0) over #7 L. Davison (TMWC)
  • SF: VPO1 (5-3) over T. Walz (SPAR)
  • Finals: H. Zilmer VPO1 (2-2) over Bradley