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Mizzou Softball ends season on low note, bows out of Regional after shutout

Mizzou Links for May 23, 2022.

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Just like that, the magic is over.

Failing to make good on preseason expectations that saw them potentially going as far as the Women’s College World Series, Mizzou Softball season ended on Sunday when the Tigers lost 1-0 to the University of Arizona. It was the Tigers second loss to ‘Zona on the weekend.

It’s a disappointing end, to be sure. After all, expectations were high, and the Tigers were playing well leading into the tournament. In the final weeks of the season, the Tigers charged into a host’s spot by storming the SEC Championship game.

Despite the less-than-expected end result, as Karen mentioned in her story, Larissa Anderson applauded her team for their efforts.

“I know that everyone’s disappointed when a loss means one team in the country ends with a win, and we had very, very high expectations,” Mizzou Head Coach Larissa Anderson said in the postgame. “And you always want to repeat and go further than you did before. But I can’t tell you how hard they worked to get to this point. I mean, we’re one of 32 teams left in the country, out of 300 D1 softball programs. That’s not easy to do. It’s really tough to win.”

Like much of the Regional (and unlike much of the regular season, it feels like) Mizzou’s offense failed to deliver in key moments, allowing the Wildcats to capitalize on their lone run.

“We were pressing a little bit,” senior designated player Kim Wert said. “We’re an older lineup. We knew this could have been our last game. That was in the back of our minds. … I think we started to have better at-bats as the game went on, but by then it was too late.”

Despite the heartbreaking end to the season, there’s a lot to look forward to next spring. Chief among the reasons? Mizzou is going to have a pair of aces up their sleeve all season long.

Laurin Krings has proven she’s either 1A or 1B on Missouri’s pitching staff alongside Jordan Weber.

In two of the highest-stakes games of the Columbia Regional, Krings pitched 14 innings, two complete games, and struck out 23 batters.

Between those two games, she threw a total of 221 pitches. She did not allow a single run.

Of course you have to score to win, but run prevention shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the Tigers next season. We’ll have more postseason content headed your way as we set course for 2023. And be sure to check out all of Karen’s softball writing. She’s been busy.

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It just looks right, doesn’t it?

To no surprise, with recruiting implications at stake, the Southeastern Conference jumped on board last fall when SEC campus leaders voted unanimously to give each school discretion on how it determines criteria for the academic bonuses and allowed its members to reward athletes the maximum $5,980 per year plus other education-related benefits, including computers.