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Mizzou Basketball Recruiting: An early look at the 2023 offer list

Dennis Gates has been busy in the early spring period.

While we wait for more news on any potential additions to the 2022-23 roster — we’re looking at you Jamarion — let’s take a moment to get caught up on Missouri’s 2023 recruiting.

Since taking the job, Dennis Gates (and his staff) have extended over 30 offers across four classes... that we know of. Some players don’t broadcast their offers, and others don’t even have twitter accounts. But that’s still a good amount to date. The Tigers have five spots available next season if all holds as it is today.

We’ve been over the eligibility issue in the past, so I don’t want to get too in depth. But basically there are three players who have no eligibility past this season (DeAndre Gholston, Tre Gomillion, D’Moi Hodge). There are two scholarships open right now, so that means were at a minimum of fives spots to fill next year.

Also, the transfer portal changes a lot.

Still, high school recruiting is important I think. So lets get into it.

Matt Reed, 6-8, 3-star Post, Lewistown TX

One of the first offers in the 2023 class was a bit of a surprise. Reed is a Texas native and a mid-3star prospect with a heavy skill set. Reed had an early offer from Cleveland State under Gates so it would make sense he followed up once he got to Mizzou. Reed’s also gotten offers from Richmond and Wyoming.

Kris Parker, 6-7, 4-star Combo Guard, Quincy FL

One of the fastest rising prospects in the 2023 class is Kris Parker. Parker has shot up into the top 40 for his class and was being recruited heavily by Charlton “CY” Young at Florida State. Parker is a 6’7 guard who is likely to become a priority for the new staff.

A.J. Johnson, 6-5, 4-star Point Guard, Woodland Hills, CA

Another fast rising prospect, this time out of California. Johnson was a lightly recruited point guard this time last year but has seen his stock soar in the early spring recruiting period. He sprouted a few inches and he’s added offers from TCU, Xavier, St. Johns, and others.

Xavier Booker, 6-10 4-star Post, Indianpolis, IN

Booker had an offer from the previous staff, and even made it to campus. It didn’t take long for Gates to check in with the talented big man, but the waters around Booker are getting deep. He’s had a great spring and Michigan State has asserted Booker as a priority. It’s early but I don’t have high expectations here.

Joseph Estrella, 6-10, 4-star Post, South Portland, ME

Maine isn’t a state you often mine for high major talent, but Estrella is changing that. He’s a skilled, talented and athletic big who fits just about any modern scheme. He’s still on the thin side, but he’ll be an interesting prospect to track. There really aren’t very many players who come out of that region, so what sort of schools he’s looking at nobody really knows. But Illinois, Miami, UConn, Creighton and Missouri are just the start of the long list of schools interested.

Arrinten Page, 6’8, Unranked POST, Atlanta, GA

Page is a curious offer. He’s a good looking unheralded prospects who also happens to be teammates with top 15 2023 point guard Isaiah Collier. Collier hasn’t reported an offer from Missouri, but was being recruited by CY and Florida State. There are rumors of both players considering themselves a package deal.

Rashaud Marshall, 6-8 unranked Post, Blytheville, AR

Marshall is a fast riser and a bit of a kept secret so far out of Northeast Arkansas. He’s had a stellar spring and has felt the heat from Missouri, Kansas, and Ole Miss. Three regional programs, though it does seem like Ole Miss might have the early leg up.

Devin Royal, 6-7, 3-star Wing, Pickering OH

Royal is a sturdy wing in the middle of Big 10 country. Penn State and Butler have made early impressions, and wing isn’t a huge priority for the Tigers so I’d be surprised if this developed too far.

Jordan Burks, 6-9, unranked Combo Forward, Kissimmee, FL

Burks is more of a stretch post than a true combo forward. But he possesses great size and agility and fits the mold of an under the radar prospect CY usually targets and can develop into solid NBA prospects.

Tafara Gapare, 6-10, unranked POST, New Zealand/Connecticut

Garape could technically fall into the 2022 class, but he’s currently looking at being a 2023 prospect, and he’s picking up offers. Rugers, Syracuse, and many others have extended interest into Garape who is still a developing big, but has all the raw tools you want, and he can extend the floor.

It’s still early, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about each player, just a quick reference. But half of the offers have gone to bigs, with a couple combo forwards throw in. While Collier might have an offer, he is being recruited. So they are looking at point guards. But the priority so far has been to identify big men.

Soon we’ll look at the early returns on the 2024 and 2025 classes. Twenty-twenty-five. Sheesh.