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HCDG visits 590 The Fan

Mizzou Links for Friday, June 10

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Gates talks Mosley and Hoops with Frank C

Not a ton of news on Thursday y’all, but our Fearless Leader — the basketball one — went on 590 The Fan to chat with Frank Cusumano about all things Mizzou Hoops, but mainly that new addition.

Here’s a recap.. it’s pretty much the whole thing, haha. I really like listening to HCDG talk.

So how’d you get Isiaih Mosley? Or any recruit, for that matter?

Ultimately, we have to look at the tradition of Mizzou Basketball. Obviously that speaks volumes through every era, from Norm Stewart to Quin Snider to Frank Haith (ew) to Mike Anderson to Kim and also to Cuonzo… What we’re trying to do is stand on their shoulders and restore what we know is the rightful place for Mizzou Basketball.

Collectively, I think when you look at the roster that we have put together, there’s very very interesting pieces and young men who are really good players, and I truly believe are the type of guys we will continue to attract. That allows for a peace of mind for a young man to see where he would fit…. That, and being able to come home and play in front of his family, friends, and loved ones; you can’t compare that to anything else.

What did you see on tape when you watched Isiaih?

I see the same things that I saw in Sean East, who is a 50/40/90 as well. I saw the same things in Nick Honor. D’Moi Hodge has the same skill set. You have to be successful at recruiting statistics, and our statistics allows us to be successful. Isiaih Mosley does that; he checks those boxes. He’s averaged 20 points while being a 180 player… Nobody talks about how he rebounds; he rebounds well for a guard, and I think that’s something that should be highlighted. He’s better on the defensive side that people give him credit.

What was his OV like? (Side note: do we know when this was?)

It was just simple. It was more congratulations than anything, and excitement…. And let’s get to work.

What people don’t know is how much compassion and how much empathy and how great of a kid Isiaih Mosley is. I truly believe in his gut, he felt that way all along. I believe he sat in the background during the portal time with Mizzou on his mind; he just didn’t tell anyone. I truly believe that what we’ve done is give him a great reason with a sort of momentum that kids see and read on twitter with a basketball program. I give fans credit for being so supportive during this time because excitement matters. Our support says my hiring has been outstanding.

(Another side note: so did they already know he was coming when he took his official?)

How do you think building a good roster helped get Mosley to Mizzou?

I think when it comes down to it, you’ve gotta look at the teammates you’re going to be in the locker room with. Noah Carter played in the MVC, but Noah Carter was on the other side of a 40-point game by Isiaih Mosley. You have to understand these young people live in a … 3 degrees of separation bubble because they’re peers; they’ve played against each other. I just believe our guys have all welcomed each other in a way that maybe some may look at as, ‘how will everyone get on the same page?’ But with that commitment, with that signing, Isiaih Mosley was received with open arms from his future teammates and his current teammates here at Mizzou. It’s unbelievable because the right personalities are in our locker room.

You said you’ve already had a team meeting. When will you get them on the court? (He also invited Frank to visit, btw)

This infant phase that we’re in is very important to where we’re going to go and be. If you see this portion, you’ll have a vision of where it can go…. Our first practice was yesterday (Wednesday). We have another one today (Thursday).

Our kids come from great programs that we were fortunate enough to get from the portal and from high school. They come from great, great coaches… Noah Carter comes from a great storied tradition of a program. His college coach (Ben Jacobson) is an unbelievable coach and the Valley is a great conference. He’s a versatile kid, a great infectious personality, and it’s well documented what he’s been able to do.

On to the links!

SIDE NOTE: Go Celtics! As mentioned last week, Jaylen Brown(ie) is an A+ human, and was coached by Cuonzo Martin at Cal. I really just wanted a reason to share my favorite NBA Paint graphic again… Follow @nba_paint on twitter. You will not be disappointed by their wholesome Microsoft Paint-style drawings.

Yesterday at Rock M:

More Links:


Other Mizzou Sports

  • Congrats to the Mizzou TF team! Getting big points and honors at the NCAA Track & Field Championships out in Eugene. Rivera threw a new season best in the javelin (53.87m), securing a top 10 finish, while Ava Curry was top 20. Gerken was top 10 in the long jump (6.33m).

These results are coming in lateeeeee on Thursday on the west coast time…

  • Also, big congrats to former Mizzou softballer, Gabi Deters, who announced her pregnancy on IG on Thursday night. She seems very happy and this also explains her leaving the team to go be with her partner and the other lil’ cutie they are raising together. (Heart eyes)


  • To go along with the 1855 days since we’ve last had a Kendrick Lamar album, new Mizzou hooper Aidan Shaw shared what’s happened in his life in that timeframe. Clever.

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Apparently, Casidy Chaumont isn’t the only former Tiger to be sporting the USSSA Pride logo on her chest. Sami Fagan (a Tiger from 2013-16) also signed a contract to play for them.

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