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Everyone talks NIL collectives in wake of SB 718 amendment

While Karen focuses on anything but, the rest of the media focuses on that… collective stuff. Here’s your Mizzou Links for Friday, June 10

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While Everyone Talks Collectives, Karen Talks J School Collab

As I mentioned in my post yesterday afternoon, it was a momentous day for Mizzou Athletics after Gov. Mike Parson signed an amendment of SB 718, the NIL bill that will allow Missouri colleges to help their student athletes with their name, image, and likeness deals.

Now, schools like Mizzou can officially provide some sort of assistance to student-athletes in terms of facilitating NIL deals, and student-athletes can officially profit off of say, customized jersey sales, or Topps trading cards. Love this for them.

I also love THIS for them (from my post):

The University has also unveiled a new partnership between athletics, the Missouri School of Journalism, School of Law, Trulaske College of Business and Griggs Innovators Nexus which “will be a foundational piece of the Mizzou’s NIL program moving forward.” The first event in the newly-created CEO Program, which will be held in mid-July, will be a three-day program for Mizzou’s student athletes where they’ll learn - among other things - about social media training, understanding the algorithm, content creation (how to tell your story), marketing strategies, entrepreneurship, the art of negotiations and understanding contracts. This is just the beginning, as in the future, they’ll continue to collaborate on experiential learning opportunities for student-athletes.

But the local media wasn’t particularly focused on this aspect (in all fairness, I had far more info about this than they did #insider), and instead wrote about what there was more information about— the whole collective/money thing.

Sorry, it might just be me, but I just find something really unsavory about the whole “collective” thing. How do you know where the money is going? And allotting it only to the tippity-top to get recruits here is just… not my favorite. I strongly feel that all athletes should be able to benefit from this, and that’s why the new partnership part of this has really captured my attention. Let’s help them ALL get that bag through education.

Regardless of whether or not I love the former Mizzou athletes - L Bo and Larry Budweiser Sasser - who are a part of Advancing Missouri Athletes (AMA) collective, it’s just not my favorite and I’m not sure it’s sustainable.

Here’s what the local media had to say:

Dave Matter (St. Louis Post- Dispatch) talked with the head guy in charge of AMA.

Gabe DeArmand (PowerMizzou) talked with Laurence Bowers about his part in the collective.

Matt Stahl (Columbia Tribune) had a notebook which focused on all things in the news on Thursday, ranging from the NIL stuff to the Big 12/SEC Challenge unveiling, to Mizzou FB’s newest commits.


On to the links! There actually wasn’t a ton of news...

Side Note: Congrats to the Warriors. I’m a huge Steve Kerr fan - please run for office - and I root for Klay for all he’s been through these last few years. And I’m an even bigger Steph “Chef” Curry fan (from way back in his Davidson College days — he is the nicest guy), but man, I wanted this for the Celtics and StL native Jayson Tatum and my guy & Zo’s guy, Jaylen Brown(ie). An additional congrats goes to Missouri’s own Otto Porter, Jr. But also, I give no congrats to you, unnamed kU player (you know who it is).

Yesterday at Rock M:

More Links:


  • It’s always great to see Mizzou guys tearing it up in the offseason playing summer/fall ball. Looking good, Justin Colon!


  • Mizzou Hoops received its Big 12/SEC Challenge opponent, which will take place in CoMo on January 28. Welcome to the Iowa State Cyclones, a familiar opponent, as they faced them just last year (and lost). Read more at and the KC Star.
  • Looks like Noah Carter is going to be involved in a charity event.
  • Hey, fellas! Hard at work on the court. Props to the athletic photographer here; these shots are great.

Former Mizzou Sports Stars/Regional Sports Stuff

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