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Phil Pressey joins Mizzou Hoops coaching staff

Dennis Gates is bringing the program’s all-time assist and steals leader home.

Missouri v Colorado State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

No one understand this truth better than Mizzou: There’s nothing like a good homecoming.

We always love when the hometown kid chooses the Tigers or when a legacy player becomes a legend in their own right. But rarely do we get to see Tiger legends come home to transition into the next phase of their career.

I suppose no time is better than the present! When Dennis Gates sent up a surprising Friday afternoon bat signal, the internet was set scrambling to figure out just who could be taking their talents to Columbia. As it turns out, someone is bringing their talents back.

Gates confirmed the move on Twitter, announcing that Phil Pressey, Mizzou’s all-time leader in career assists and steals (tied with Anthony Peeler, of course), would be added to the staff.

I am excited to open this door! Transitioning from an outstanding playing career to the sidelines where he can share his knowledge with our student-athletes. Please join me in welcoming back [Phil Pressey] to our staff!

While we still don’t have a ton of clarity on Pressey’s role, this is certainly a big PR win for Gates as he kicks off his career at Mizzou. Not only has he ingratiated himself with the fanbase by pulling hometown hero Isiaih Mosley back to CoMo, he’s also bringing a legendary Tiger back to mentor the next generation. No one needs to be reminded of Pressey’s greatness — after all, it wasn’t that long ago. But to have a player who shepherded the last truly great run of Tiger teams back in the fold can only be a boon for Gates as he works to establish his own vision for Missouri basketball.

It seems like the news is going over well with notable Mizzou alumni!

And why wouldn’t it? Flip is a fan favorite for everyone who’s been a fan of Mizzou since the late 2000s. His silky ball-handling, dynamic creation ability and his leadership were hallmarks of some of Mizzou’s most successful teams ever. Having him back on board not only feels right, it’s a reminder that Mizzou Basketball can thrive under the right conditions. Hopefully under Gates — with Pressey’s help — those days will come to pass once again.