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Mizzou Hoops has a published roster without numbers

And lordy Aidan Shaw can jump high.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Missouri Tigers vs Ole Miss Rebels Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A quick post for Sunday. We’re still in the doldrums of June.

Mizzou Basketball is still teasing out numbers as something that’s coming. Despite Matt having done the heavy lifting of... checks notes... looking at pictures they tweeted out. But while they haven’t officially announced the numbers, they did update the online roster with heights, weights, and positions. Let’s take a look.

From :

  • Nick Honor, Grad-Senior: 5-11, 200
  • DeAndre Gholston, 5th year Senior: 6-5, 215
  • Tre Gomillion, 5th year Senior: 6-4, 210
  • D’Moi Hodge, 5th year Senior: 6-4, 180
  • Ben Sternberg, 5th year Senior: 6-0, 165
  • Kobe Brown, Senior, 6-8, 250
  • Isiaih Mosley, Senior, 6-5, 205
  • Noah Carter, Junior, 6-6, 235
  • Ronnie DeGray III, Junior, 6-6, 225
  • Mohamed Diarra, Junior, 6-10, 215
  • Sean East II, Junior, 6-3, 180
  • Mabor Majak, Junior, 7-2, 245
  • Kaleb Brown, Sophomore, 6-6, 250
  • Jackson Francois, Freshmen, 6-4, 155
  • Aidan Shaw, Freshmen, 6-8, 195

Sean East is a little taller than I thought he’d measure out to be. D’Moi Hodge a bit leaner. The Brown brothers are still keeping the beef on. Meanwhile get Diarra into the weight room. And Jackson Francois is on the Sam Snelling as a junior in high school diet.

Meanwhile, Aidan Shaw can jump over you.

We’ve known Aidan Shaw, the 4-star Mizzou freshman forward, was an elite level athlete. But even touching nearly 50” on a max vertical jump is insane. Hopefully we’ll get to see him exercise his vertical jump early and often this season.

Have a good Sunday, everyone!