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Eli Drinkwitz celebrates the fourth by “flipping” his players

Mizzou Links for July 5, 2022.

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Coach, what are you up to?

As you can guess, not a lot of news came out of the Mizzou beat on the Fourth of July. We did, however, get an eye-raising tweet from one Eli Drinkwitz.

Personally, I read this very literally — as in, Drinkwitz was referring to the players who flipped off the tube he was pulling. Thank God there were no injuries, coach, but I have to ask... what are you thinking?!

However, many of the most avid Mizzou Twitter users (you’ll find them in Drink’s replies) really took to the word “FLIPPING” as signaling something a bit more recruiting adjacent. It’s not the biggest stretch in the world. After all, Drink has been known to use clever wordplay in his tweets to suggest things happening behind the scenes. However, there’s no suggestion anything is in the works... at least not that this writer has heard. We’ll keep our ears to the ground.

Oh, and a little bonus recruiting news for your July 4 holiday: Mizzou is now a finalist for a local-ish kid.

Allen is a 3-star defensive end out of Olathe, Kansas. Sure feels like the staff is trying to stock up on defensive ends, huh?

Yesterday at Rock M

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