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Where Did Summer Go? Fall Camp is nearing its conclusion and that’s just WILD

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, August 17

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Fall Camp is almost complete!

I can’t believe we’re almost here, friends. A new school year starts Monday… MONDAY(!!!!!!!) and that is just unfathomable to me. Where the hell did this summer go? I think all the scorching temps must’ve gone to my head and erased my memory of May-early August because I swear it’s only been like, a month TOPS since I was helping at my first grad ceremony at the arena.

So, yes, this summer has absolutely flown by, and preseason camp is about to run its course right into the actual football season. To keep fans informed of the team’s progress, Mizzou Football held another public (for reporters) practice sesh on Tuesday afternoon, and Rock M’s own Parker was there to cover it.

Here’s some highlights, but also make sure you read the piece. Parker continues to do great work.

Defensive Coordinator Blake Baker on deciding on a starting defensive lineup:

“We’re inching closer to that “Top 22” as I like to say. Now, we’re teaching how to do it after teaching what to do early in camp.”

Baker on Ja’Marion Wayne’s position switch from WR to DB:

“Ja’Marion Wayne is at the free safety spot, and he definitely flashes. He’s ‘yessir, no sir,’ always smiling. You can see him in the last 3 days picking the system up. It is absolutely realistic that he sees the field.”

Ryan Hoerstkamp on the Tight End room’s positive atmosphere:

“When everybody is on the same page, it’s easy to have fun, especially when you’re always around the facility. In the weight room, on the field, we’ll even get mosh pits going sometimes.”

Barrett Banister (TWO R & ONE N, get it right, people!!!) on the team’s improved bond:

“Intentionality. There was some stuff with our locker room we needed to get rid of after last year, so this offseason we were very intentional about building that brotherhood and making sure everyone could hold anybody accountable.”

Moving on. Dave Matter went on the Big Sports Show Tuesday evening, and Sammy said it’s “good stuff.” Because we trust our pal Mr Stava implicitly, you should give it a listen. That and Matter is always great.

Tuesday was apparently “National Tell a Joke Day” and Mizzou Football’s got jokes.

On to the Links!

Hope all the KCMO people celebrating 816 Day had a great Tuesday!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • The student section officially has a new name: The Zou. Check them out on the twitters.

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Looks like Missouri will be participating in the Hall of Fame Classic in KCMO next season, FanDuel and Jon Rothstein reported on Monday. Creighton is also involved in this event, per reports, and two other yet to be named teams.

Mizzou in Pro Hoops

  • Happy birthday, hopefully soon-to-be Most Improved WNBA star, Soph!!!

Mizzou in the NFL

  • Tyree Gillespie is getting traded to the Tennessee Titans, per reports. Best wishes, Tyree!
  • Well, this is so cute. Chase Daniel completed 11-17 passes for 117 yards, to go with 2 TD and 0 INT in Sunday’s 29-22 loss to the Rams (ew).
  • Awwww, man. Drew Lock fans just can’t have nice things, huh? Right after our fave Seahawk practices with the 1s, he tests positive for the Covid and will miss the preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

Mizzou in Major League Baseball

  • Uh-oh. Get well soon, Tanner Houck. Looks like he has a disc issue in his owner back.

Cool Stuff featuring Mizzou Sports Journalists, etc.

  • My press box friend (and Missourian writer) Chris Blake’s fantasy football show on KCOU 88.1FM debuts today at 11am. Give it a listen if you feel so inclined.
  • And my OTHER press box friend (and Maneater writer/sports editor) Brandon Haynes was a guest on Finebaum on Tuesday, talking Mizzou! You can view it on the ESPN app!
  • Hey, I know that girl! I’ve been working super hard and wanted to share my recent graphic design work for the J-School. #lovemyjob

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