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Mizzou Football names multiple captains, Drink taste tests Luther’s chips

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, August 24

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2022 Captains Named… and there’s a lot of them.

Don’t get me wrong; I kinda love it. I love the idea of a bunch of captains; there’s a bunch of players, after all. My last few years coaching in NC, we had a ton of team-voted captains (7?) for my 45-ish person swim team, so I’m a fan of a lot of extra peer leadership positions. In Drinkwitz’s previous years, in case you forgot (I did), there were only three apiece: Martez Manuel, Connor Bazelak & Case Cook in 2021, and Case Cook, Larry Three-Sticks & Nick Bolton in 2020, so this is definitely a change. A change for the better, I think!

What was the reason for so many? As Rock M’s own Brandon Haynes reported from the fall camp presser, Drink didn’t want to hold run-off elections, and instead found it easier to just let the team vote them all in.

On having eight captains: “It was pretty clear-cut like, these were the top four on offense and these were the top four on defense, then everybody else. And so instead of going into a runoff election, I figured more is better.”

Inner monologue: Big fan of run-off elections, especially that one a few years ago, but I digress….

Also, this graphic is really cool. (Shout out to the new assistant creative director for the design)

  • QB: Brady Cook (So. | St. Louis, MO)- not surprising since he is leading the offense; I’d be a bit worried if he wasn’t a captain, honestly
  • DB: Martez Manuel (Sr. | Columbia, MO)- second year captain, SEC Media Days rep
  • DL: Darius Robinson (Sr. | Southfield, MI)
  • DL: Isaiah McGuire (Sr. | Tulsa, OK)- SEC Media Days rep
  • LB: Chad Bailey (Sr. | Missouri City, TX)
  • OL: Javon Foster (Sr. | Detroit, MI)- 2nd Team Coaches’ Preseason All-SEC
  • WR: Barrett Banister (Gr. | Fayetteville, AR)- SEC Media Days rep
  • WR: Tauskie Dove (Sr. | Denton, TX)

Moving on, Drink met with the media on Tuesday night, and brought a bag of Old Vienna chips. Not just any chips, you guys. LUTHER’S CHIPS. The specially created Red Hot Riplets honey BBQ flavored chips made JUST for him. And apparently, Drink ended the press conference, per Matter, with a, “I love these chips, man.”

Looks like one place you can get them in CoMo is Big Papa’s On Campus, which is on 9th Street (formerly Dash Convenience Store) in the alleyway between Chipotle and what will be Wendy’s. I walk by there literally every day as I leave Hitt Street Garage so yeah… I’ll be picking some up.

On to the Links! But first, check out a new ZouCam.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Just in case you’ve forgotten and work at MU… It’s 9 days- well, now it’s 8 technically… to kickoff. Really, this is just an excuse to share these sweet, sweet pics, and share that Coach Stec will be on the call for the home opener.


  • The Preseason Coaches’ All-SEC selections were revealed on Tuesday, and big congrats to Harrison Mevis (1st team), Javon Foster (2nd team), and Kris Abrams-Draine (3rd team). Read more about it at
  • As reported by PowerMizzou’s Gabe DeArmond, StL native Ja’Marion Wayne has been selected to wear no. 25 this season, in honor of Aaron O’Neal. In case you’ve forgotten about Aaron - and I hope you haven’t - click through this twitter thread from Gabe.


  • Matthew J Harris has graced us with his thoughts regarding the new Rivals rankings of both Mizzou commits and targets:
  • A ways off, but looks like Charlton C.Y. Young has found himself another awesome speaking engagement and coaching session. Great work, coach!
  • Get those season tickets, people! Rock M will have TWO people covering the team this year!

Cross Country, Gymnastics

Mizzou in the Pros

Cool Stuff

  • Enrollment is up! WOOOOOHOOOOOO
  • Deep thoughts from my favorite former Mizzou Director of Athletic Performance:

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