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Mizzou Football Preseason Camp Notebook: Day 2

The Tigers were back out on the field for fall camp Thursday as the intensity rises.

NCAA Football: North Texas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Eliah Drinkwitz | Head Coach

  • “I’m really Impressed with how the guys are practicing. Tomorrow will be our first off-day yet. Then we’ll go 6 straight days. Most of our guys have handled the heat well with hydration.”
  • “We needed to improve at the line of scrimmage, especially against the run, cause we didn’t have a lot of depth. Transfers have come in and fought for a lot of playing time which is what I wanted to see.” On improved depth in the trenches
  • “It’s a wide-open competition.” Discussing the center position, Connor Tollison remains taking majority of first team snaps.
  • “I’m trying to figure out who’s gonna throw it to them first” When asked about how to spread the ball around to so many options

Connor Tollison | Redshirt Freshman | Center

  • “How close the game is, you’ve got 6 inches to a foot from an opponent at center, at tackles it is 3-4 feet.” On the shift from going tackle to center full-time
  • “I have a better idea of the offense. The biggest thing is that I’m just more comfortable with the guys.” On how he feels compared to this time last year
  • “Making the MIKE ID, pass protection slides. You’ve always gotta be making adjustments.” On the responsibilities of a center
  • “Over the offseason I wanted to work on my preparation. Specifically the off-the-field stuff with how people prep for games, and the weight room. I didn’t think I was doing enough outside of practices.” On what he wanted to hone in on this offseason

Xavier Delgado | Redshirt Senior | Offensive Guard

  • “Connor (Tollison) is really football smart, he’s exceeded my expectations. Especially w our offense, the center is the QB of the O-line.”
  • “The coaching staff has made a point of getting the team together, Coach Drink really emphasizes the camaraderie, which will really help when we are in the trenches during the season.” On how this team seems different compared to the past couple he has been a part of

DJ Jackson | Freshman | Cornerback

  • “Anybody in our DB room can start and play”
  • “We were from the same area, he has played a big part in me getting here. Even when he was out he was motivating me.” On Ennis Rakestraw’s impact