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Tigers wraps up a grueling week of practice, ready for day of rest

Mizzou News for Friday, August 5

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I don’t know how they do it.

Dear readers, I used to be able to stand the mid-Missouri heat. I was a lifeguard for a long time, so I spent 40+ hours a week outdoors, soaking up the sun in 100 degree weather. I don’t know if it’s because now I have jobs where I’m mainly indoors, but now, hellll no. I have no desire to even walk from my office to the car anymore, so the fact that Mizzou’s football players have been out in this heat, just baking in the sun while practicing (at least they’re not in full pads yet) is wild to me. I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it.

Accurate re-enactment of me at work

The good news is, they’ve finally got a day off before they have six more straight days of practice! Let’s check in on some photos first from Mizzou Athletics’ Mikayla Schmidt.

Dave Matter’s recent chat at covered a lot of different football-related topics. Since it’s for subscribers, what I’ll share is minimal.

When asked about a QB rotation to utilize the guys’ different strengths, Matter was quick to point out that many of them have similar strengths, so really, there wouldn’t be much point in rotating.

If you say running ability, I’d make the case Cook and Macon are pretty similar in terms of speed and athleticism. Cook doesn’t get enough credit for his abilities as an athlete and runner. And I’d say based on the small sample sizes we’ve seen, he’s a much better passer. So, unless one of them has changed their games/strengths dramatically, I don’t see a huge upside in rotating them.

Someone asked for a comparison of Luther Burden III to the Mizzou WR of yesteryear.

He’s not as tall and rangy as Justin Gage or Danario Alexander but he’s bulkier than Jeremy Maclin. I’d say those three were the best Tiger receivers of their generation - and if he compares favorably to one of them it would be Maclin. Explosive, good hands, strong after the catch, return ability.

Mic’d up w/ Drink!

Next, let’s check in with Parker’s latest from camp.

Drinkwitz on the improved depth in the trenches: We needed to improve at the line of scrimmage, especially against the run, cause we didn’t have a lot of depth. Transfers have come in and fought for a lot of playing time which is what I wanted to see.”

Xavier Delgado on how this team seems different compared to last few: The coaching staff has made a point of getting the team together, Coach Drink really emphasizes the camaraderie, which will really help when we are in the trenches during the season.”

QB Drills from Matt Stahl at the Trib!

On to the links!

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Dennis Gates at the Ballpark

Other Sports

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  • Interesting statement from Mizzou Volleyball player Brynn Carlson

Mizzou in the Pros/History

  • It was a tough day for the W in general with the news of Brittney Griner’s conviction and 9-year sentence, but especially the Phoenix Mercury (13-19), who have had to worry about their friend, teammate, and family member since her detainment February 12.

It was yet another loss for PHX, as they couldn’t beat the Connecticut Sun (22-10), who have already clinched their playoff spot. Sophie played 30 minutes in the loss, scoring 10 points on 4-12 shooting (2-7 from three) with 3 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL, 1 BLK, and 1 TO. She was -17 on the night.

  • MPJ getting back at it (video courtesy of former Rock M photographer, Sean East)
  • This is a great statement from former Mizzou softball player, Kris Schmidt

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