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Summer camp continues with the search for starting tight ends

Mizzou Links for August 9, 2022.

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Who will start at TE? Will Jayden Jernigan transition to the SEC?

  • Dave Matter wrote about one of the biggest questions facing this year’s team. And, no, it’s not the quarterback position. It’s the tight ends.

“We’re certainly inexperienced across the board, but I think we have a hungry group that is excited about the opportunity,” said position coach Erik Link, who added tight end coaching duties to his plate after Casey Woods left the staff for the coordinator job at Southern Methodist University. “I think there’s probably a little bit of a chip on their shoulder just because on the outside there haven’t been a lot of expectations. They’re certainly looking forward to showing what they can do and fulfilling their role with the offense.”

In case you missed it, you can read some of our takes on the tight end situation in our recent pass catcher roundtable.

“I already have leverage, God-given leverage,” said Jernigan, who stands 6 feet tall and is listed at 277 pounds. “I feel like that helps me a lot. I’m able to stay low, stay under somebody, and I know if somebody has to come and strike me, they’ve got to get low and meet at my height. So it’s a little bit easier for me, I’m able to read the blocks a little bit easier.”

The article also addresses how Jernigan was welcomed by his fellow defensive linemen over the offseason.

  • But you didn’t just come to read, did you? No, you came to look at pictures, too!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • The GOAT Karissa Schweizer was recently injured during one of her races. On Monday, she updated her followers on how she’s been doing in a Twitter thread.

Get well soon, Karissa!

  • Monday was an exciting day for Steve Bieser and his program. First things first, Mizzou announced it will open the 2023 season in good ole Tejas at the College Baseball Showdown!

They also picked up a commitment from North Dakota prospect Drew Rerick.

  • Here’s an interesting question to pose to the commentariat. Well, a question within a tweet anyway.