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Let’s get you ready for Game Day, Tiger fans!

Mizzou Links for the season opener, Thursday, September 1

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Let’s get you prepared for Game Day!

OMG! It’s here!!! As Jackson referenced in his lovely post earlier Wednesday:

Thank goodness it is almost here! Each year, as football season concludes, many of us struggle to cope with the reality that there’s a long road ahead before we see our favorite teams on the gridiron again. Fortunately, seven months have passed and we are right back to making totally reasonable assumptions about our teams and envisioning national championships. The Missouri Tigers fanbase is no different.


12.5 hours from the release of this Links post, the gates will open. In 14 hours, the Tigers will take the field for kickoff against the Lousiana Tech Bulldogs. AAAAHHHHHHHHHH. Your favorite website,, will be here for ALL your football needs, but in case that’s not enough… wants to make sure you are prepared for Game Day, and is offering up some pertinent information for your Memorial Stadium pre-Labor Day viewing experience.

So, read this.


And then read this about the 2022 stadium “enhancements.” They’re trying anything and everything to get butts in seats this season, you guys. They sent out some surveys last year and were like, “You know what? We’ll try ALL of it.” As discussed fervently in our RMN slack channel today (it is poppin’ off with the newbies on board), you know how to get people to games? F’ING WIN.

  • Several new food and beverage options will be available, including grab n’ go items in a Break Time area in the SW (?) corner and a new food locker system & mobile ordering “thing” (I questioned the logistics of this in the links yesterday) which will be available through the Mizzou Tigers app. It says, “More information on specific locations and new items will be announced prior to Sept. 1.”

Well.. ummm…. It’s August 31 and I haven’t seen this info yet and it’s 9pm on Wednesday night.

  • The videoboard got some upgrades and will feature “fewer sponsor messages and more replays.” Love a good replay. Don’t love those constant Mizzou Missouri Online ads as they give me intense PTSD, so I’ll be happy to possibly be exposed to less of that.
  • Truman have mercy, they’re really just getting rid of all the event staff, huh? (See my comments on this in yesterday’s links) Welcome to the Memorial Stadium Experience, where you will interact with electronic devices and no humans. It’s NOT the event staff that held up the lines, people. There will be “expedited entry into the stadium on game day, and self-service ticket scanning pedestals will be at ALL entry gates for the 2022 season.”

For the - checks poll results - 15% of the 151 answers who said “TECHNOLOGY… BAH HUMBUG” this should be super fun for you! May a strong cell signal be with you.

Very important poll
  • Enjoy a revamped pregame show (side note: I do not care about this), with “new elements from Mizzou Cheer, the videoboard and fans, along with Marching Mizzou and Golden Girls! EVERY game will feature a flyover and select games will also have skydivers parachuting into the stadium.” OMG. Again, I just do not care, though parachuting sounds… coool. That’s not why I’m there, however, and yes, I did take the Gameday surveys. I like watching the Golden Girls, don’t get me wrong (I had many an ADPi sister in the GG), but whether or not they have new elements doesn’t really make a difference to me when I don’t remember the dances or what happened last year when they were on the field. I do wonder if we’ll see more of SPOT? That nightmare looking “dog” the Engineering School made to prance around on the field? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • There are some other things too, but they are not applicable to me, so check out for their new, suddenly very different looking interface that pops up — hoping that’s temporary — is frankly hard to navigate, and read all about it. Yay? Yay.

Side note: Sorry, as I reread this, I sound like a kinda curmudgeonly kansasan, but come on….

Additionally, here’s the parking map, in case you need it. Parking, decidedly NOT an enhancement.

You can find me in Lot W most games

Get excited!! We’ve entered the Brady Cook & Luther Burden era!

On to the Links!

For the love of all that is holy and Mizzou Football, if you’re going to the game, do NOT mess up the tiger stripe!

M I Z!!!


Yesterday at Rock M, we had SO MUCH CONTENT:

More Links:


Other Mizzou Sports

  • New Drill Wednesday!
  • Come meet the new softball team in Tiger Town today!
  • Also, when Larissa calls, you answer.

Missouri will welcome Saint Louis, Iowa State and Oklahoma, with the women’s team also competing against in-state foe Missouri State. Twenty-eight student-athletes will compete for Mizzou, 13 on the women’s side and 15 on the men’s.

Mizzou in the Pros


I wish GOOD vibes to safety Joshuah Bledsoe and the Pats (ew, that feels just wrong to say), as he made the 53-man, per Mark Daniels of The Providence Journal.

  • UPDATE I MISSED: Looks like Kendall Blanton is actually signing with the Chiefs practice squad, so YAYYYYYYY!!!!
  • Not Mizzou-related, but this is just astonishing. Two GOATs. Still playing. Just… **chef’s kiss**. Amazing. Astonishing. Awe-inspiring. Also that’s a super fun fact about the offspring. Vlad (the Elder) is one of my all-time favorites.

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