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SEC Week 4 Opening Lines

How to throw your money away on the best sport in the world

Missouri State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Week 3 is in the books and Missouri finally gets to start SEC play with a team that may or may not have a head coach by the time Saturday rolls around. Neat!

So while I’d highly encourage looking at the money line at possible firings for the week, we’ll also take a look at the opening lines so you can nab any deals that might catch your eye and prepare for the SEC slate that follows.

As a reminder, all games occur on Saturday, September 24th and listed times are in central time. For the betting odds we’re using DraftKings Sportsbook, who is an SBNation parter.

11:00a - Bowling Green at Mississippi State (-29)

11:00a - Missouri at Auburn (-6.5)

11:00a - Kent State at Georgia (-42.5)

2:30p - Florida at Tennessee (-9)

3:00p - Tulsa at Ole Miss (-19.5)

6:00p - Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (-2)

6:00p - Northern Illinois at Kentucky (-24.5)

6:30p - Charlotte at South Carolina (-23)

6:30p - Vanderbilt at Alabama (-40)

6:30p - New Mexico at LSU (-30)