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Offensive Presser Notes: Auburn

Brady Cook, Cody Schrader, Javon Foster and Mekhi Miller met with the media prior to the upcoming matchup against Auburn.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Mizzou football offense continues to look for momentum and consistency with a Saturday morning matchup against Auburn on the horizon.

The Tigers rank in the bottom half of the SEC in most offensive categories, including total points and pass yards per game. However, they will have an opportunity to take a step forward against an Auburn defense that allowed 41 points last week to Penn State.

Select offensive players, including Brady Cook and Cody Schrader, met with the media prior to the contest to break down what they’ll need to do to get back on the right track while recapping what they can build upon after their victory over Abilene Christian.

Brady Cook | Quarterback

  • “I thought we did a lot of things well [against Abilene Christian]. We did a lot of things well that we can build on. I think it was obviously an improvement from the prior week, but still a lot of things we can learn to do better.”
  • Cook mentioned how Auburn’s defense is composed of several good football players that use an athletic, fast and aggressive play style to create a solid defense.
  • “That’s pretty standard. Any practice that we feel we needed to hit around more, or connect on a play more that we missed in practice, we’ll stay after and get to it.” On how long Cook has worked on plays with wide receiver Dominic Lovett outside of practice
  • “I’m going to try to slide more on first and second down. On third down, I’m not going to slide.” On his view of sliding
  • “They’re solid overall, so we just got to go out there and do our thing. Again, I’m not concerned about it. They’ll be a challenge, just like everything else.” On Auburn’s front seven

Javon Foster | Offensive Line

  • “Execute [and] make sure we get our job done, focusing on executing the technique this week.” On what preparation has looked like
  • “[We are} doing a lot of hands inside drills. No more wrapping and stuff like that, keying in on hands inside.” On what the offensive line has focused on to avoid penalities
  • “I think my role [as a captain] is big ... They look at me when stuff is not going the right way, so stepping up and letting them know that we [are] here, we got to fix this and we can do it.”
  • “13 penalties is still not acceptable, so we got to focus and key in on our technique.”
  • “In the K-State game, we realized how important communication is. We’ve been focusing on that a lot to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Cody Schrader | Running Back

  • “Focus on what we can do, our fundamentals and technique, and see if that carries over to gameday execution.” On what the offense needs to do to take the running game to the next level
  • “I think [Auburn’s] one of the best defenses we’ve seen so far ... it’s going to be a unique challenge, but that’s why we prepare and practice the way we do.”
  • “I think just getting our run game going [and] building a rhythm on offense ... and see where that can take us later on in the game.”
  • Schrader noted that blitz pickups and studying defenses are his biggest focuses each week because each team brings their own unique style.
  • “Auburn’s going to be a really good defense. It’s going to be real fun to go up against ... I’ve been dreaming of playing against Auburn for a long time now, so I’m up for any challenge.”
  • “I think [Tavorus Jones] is a really talented, hungry kid.He’s still a true freshman, so he still has a lot to develop and a lot to learn. But yeah, he’s one of the most talented kids I’ve seen.”

Mekhi Miller | Wide Receiver

  • “It’s been great. I’ll be honest; nothing could prepare me for it. As an incoming freshman going into the spring, working out with the team, but it was great.”
  • “Honestly, probably the roster depth. As a highly recruited athlete coming out of high school, you think you’ll have a spot immediately, but in college it’s a whole different level. The welcome to the college moment is everybody on that level is good.”
  • Miller noted how that welcoming moment was humbling and he used it as a lesson going forward.
  • “That’s my guy. I always joke with him for how long he’s been in college ... him and Tauskie [Dove] are the ones I go to if I ever [have a] question. On the relationship Miller has with veteran receiver Barrett Banister
  • “I'm always wanting to receive feedback good or bad, so it can help me learn and hopefully be on another level, and a leader one day.”
  • “I think I add some versatility, like everyone else in the room ... I think we all have that ‘it’ factor in the receiving room.”
  • “You can’t get too confident because you might slip up, so I choose to stay humble and continue to learn everyday.”
  • “In the moment, it felt good, but at the same time we are still in game, so I didn’t want to be too happy. After the fact, coming off the sidelines and going into the next day, everybody was congratulating me.” On the reaction after his first career reception against La Tech
  • “I'm just looking forward to being in that environment for the first time and I’m starting to get used to it for the games to come.” On what it’ll be like to be in Jordan-Hare Stadium