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Mizzou Wrestling: Recruiting Update

Mizzou had five recruits in the top 100 on a group visit to this week’s football victory over Louisiana Tech.

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Mizzou wrestling hosted five recruits during the football opener, all ranked in the top 40 overall on MatScout’s Big Board. Having just brought in the #6 ranked recruiting class, the Tigers are looking to continue bringing in highly sought after recruits.

Joel Adams recently won a world title in Greco, not giving up a single point and becoming USA’s first U17 Greco champ since 2017. Hunter Taylor and Christopher Coates are both a part of the Liberty High School’s nationally ranked team in Missouri. They could potentially join Easton Hilton, a freshman at Mizzou also from Liberty HS. Charlie Millard and Aeoden Sinclair could be the latest in the Askren Wrestling Academy to Mizzou pipeline, as they are both Wisconsin standouts. Other Askren Wrestling alums include Clayton Whiting, Preston Spray, Ellis Pfleger, Peyton Mocco, and Keegan O’Toole.

Joel Adams - Millard South HS, NE

  • #2 at 145lbs
  • #17 Overall - Class of 2023
  • #16 Pound for Pound
  • 2x Nebraska State Champ
  • U16 Fargo National Champ (Freestyle & Greco)
  • U17 Greco World Champ

Hunter Taylor - Liberty HS, MO

  • #3 at 113lbs
  • #24 Overall - Class of 2024
  • 2022 Missouri State Champ
  • 2x Fargo National Champ ( Freestyle)

Christopher Coates - Liberty HS, MO

  • #14 at 126lbs
  • #40 Overall - Class of 2024
  • 2x Missouri State Champ
  • 2021 Fargo Finalist (Freestyle)

Charlie Millard - Homestead HS, WI

  • #11 at 152lbs
  • #36 Overall - Class of 2024
  • 2x Wisconsin State Placer
  • 2x Fargo All-American (Freestyle)

Aeoden Sinclair - Edgerton WI

  • #8 at 182lbs
  • #8 Overall - Class of 2024
  • 2022 Wisconsin State Champ
  • 2021 Fargo All-American (Freestyle)
  • 2022 Fargo National Champ (Freestyle)