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NCAA Wrestling: Missouri Tiger Style vs Wyoming Cowboys Preview & Live Blog

Brian Smith and the Tiger Style squad travel to Wyoming to take on the Cowboys in another Big 12 dual meet. Here we take a look at the potential bouts we may see in this contest.

125: Jore Volk Maj. #12 Noah Surtin (MIZ 0 WYO 4)

1st Period: Lot of underhooks from both guys early. Volk is a U20 freestyle world champ so he’s familiar in these positions. Hard snap that sends Surtin rolling and Volk capitalizes with a takedown. Surtin goes to roll and the ref with a very fast two point nearfall.

2nd Period: Surtin down 4-0 after the first and Volk takes bottom. Surtin with big return but Volk escapes. Surtin looking to attack from over under position but Volk is strong in resisting. Down 5-0 into the third.

3rd Period: Surtin takes bottom. Stall on Volk and Surtin escapes down 5-1 now. Volk in on a shot and Surtin scrambling but Volk comes out on top and puts Surtin on his back. Nearly works him flat but time runs out and he drops the match 11-1. Tough loss in two big sequences.

133: #26 Connor Brown Maj. Garret Ricks (MIZ 4 WYO 4)

1st Period: Brown with a quick takedown to a cradle, ref takes his time but finally starts counting some nearfall. Brown loses it and Ricks manages to get a reversal but Brown escapes to make it 7-2.

2nd Period: Ricks takes bottom. Ricks gets out in 40 seconds after Brown was close to another cradle. Brown to a single and gets it in the air but Ricks gets it back down. Brown back in on a single and he finishes and gets a rideout of the second period. Brown keeps bleeding so there’s a break in the action.

3rd Period: Up 9-3 and Brown takes bottom. Stall call on Ricks after he can’t return Brown. Brown with a crazy takedown and now getting back points to go up 15-3. Came close to a tilt but can’t get it. Brown lets him up and wins 16-4 with riding time.

141: Job Greenwood Dec. Kade Moore (MIZ 4 WYO 7)

1st Period: True freshman Kade Moore getting a chance. He takes a shot early but Greenwood goes upper body and gets a takedown and two nearfall. Moore gets an escape and Greenwood in on a shot at the edge but it gets stalemated. Pace slowing down after the reset. Greenwood with a nice duck to get two more. Moore with another escape to make it 6-2.

2nd Period: Moore takes bottom down 6-2. Moore gets to his feet but returned, after a reset he gets out quick to make it 6-3. Moore struggling with Greenwood’s pressure but takes a shot with short time. Doesn’t get to legs and time runs out.

3rd Period: Greenwood takes bottom up 6-3. Moore throws legs in and Greenwood catches them for a reversal to go up 8-3, riding time likely locked up. Greenwood cuts to make it 8-4, looking for bonus. Moore reshoots and gets in deep but Greenwood defends well and reshoots but Moore gets a go behind! Refs taking a look to see if they went out of bounds, it’s close. Looks like it’s out of bounds so no takedown, score still 8-4 with 45 seconds. Crazy scramble and no points. Moore taking shots now but can’t finish. Greenwood gets a takedown to take the 11-4 win.

149: #9 Brock Mauller Dec. Chase Zollman (MIZ 7 WYO 7)

1st Period: Mauller with a quick takedown and he’s getting to his tilt immediately for two point nearfall. Mauller locks up a cradle and looking to finish but Zollman breaks it. Stall call on Zollman as Mauller’s tough ride continues. He gets the full period rideout to be up 4-0.

2nd Period: Mauller takes bottom up 4-0 with over two minutes of riding time. Quick escape for Mauller to go up 5-0. Not much offense in the second.

3rd Period: Zollman takes bottom and gets a quick escape to make the score 5-1 but Mauller should have riding time locked up. Coaches wanting offense to pick up the offense with 1:10 left. Brock with a double but can’t score, Zollman in on a leg, gets stalemated. 40 seconds left. Not much from either guy and Brock takes the win.

157: #10 Jarrett Jacques Dec. #15 Jacob Wright (MIZ 10 WYO 7)

1st Period: One of the bigger matches of the night. Jacques in on a shot and Wright looking to counter. Jacques wins the scramble and gets two! Jacques cuts him. Jacques in on another shot and gets two more! Wright gets away with twenty seconds left. Great first period from Jacques.

2nd Period: Jacques takes bottom. Mizzou challenges for a locked hands call. Very obvious locked hands call on the replay. Call confirmed and Jacques gets a point to go up 5-2. Jacques escape and a reshot! Stays through the scramble and gets another takedown to go up 8-2. Wright gets away with 30 seconds left. Time runs out with Jacques up 8-3.

3rd Period: Wright takes bottom and gets away. Minute left and catches Jacques with his feet together. Wright cuts him and the score is now 9-6 with :53 left. Stall call on Jacques as Wright is pushing and he scores a takedown. 9-8 with :16 left and Wright cuts him. Wright in on a shot but time runs and Jacques gets the 10-8 win. He’s feeling that altitude tonight.

165: #1 Keegan O’Toole FALL Cole Moody (MIZ 16 WYO 7)

1st Period: O’Toole in on a leg off the whistle and scores in 20 seconds. Moody gets away. Moody in on shot and O’Toole looking to sit the corner. He gets his cradle and the pin at 1:37 of the first period!

174: #11 Peyton Mocco Maj. Brett McIntosh (MIZ 20 WYO 7)

1st Period: Heavy snaps from both guys. McIntosh in on a single and Mocco looking to scramble but it gets stalemated. Mocco in on a double and scores after McIntosh tries to roll through. Mocco riding tough through the period and gets the ride out.

2nd Period: Mocco takes bottom up 2-0. Mocco immediately reverses him to go up 4-0. Mocco cuts him. McIntosh in on a shot but Mocco scrambling and gets the takedown to go up 6-1. He cuts him with 50 seconds left. Mocco picking up the pace and runs through McIntosh for another. Coaches want him to keep McIntosh down here and he gets the rideout.

3rd Period: Mocco up 8-2 and going optional start looking for a cradle. McIntosh goes out of bounds and Mocco goes again but unsuccessful so he cuts him. Mocco takes a shot and loses balance, recovers but potentially dangerous to a reset. Stall on McIntosh and Mocco scores two to go up 10-3, riding time locked up. Coaches want him to cut and get more and he does. 45 seconds left. Mocco in on another shot and gets an easy takedown to go up 12-4. Cuts him again with 20 seconds and McIntosh hurts himself going for a shot. He’s up though and Mocco up 14-5. Mocco going optional start on the reset looking for a cradle but McIntosh balls up and 15-5 is the score.

184: Colton Hawks Dec. Quayin Short (MIZ 23 WYO 7)

1st Period: Hawks heavy on the head early, now going to his underhook but Short defends. Short looks for a head and arm but Hawks ducks and gets a single on the edge. Hawks with a tough ride. Weird scramble and Short nearly puts Hawks on his back but just an escape. 2-1 with minute left. Hawks close to a double but time runs out.

2nd Period: Hawks takes bottom up 2-1. To his feet and gets an escape to 3-1. Lots of hand fighting but no scores.

3rd Period: Short takes bottom. Short rolls and Hawks follows, Hawks now has riding time. Hawks staying heavy and keeping Short down as riding time builds. Stall call on Hawks after he runs him out of bounds. Short gets an escape from a sit out. 1:10 and Hawks up 4-2 with riding time. Another stall on Hawks to make it 4-3. Hawks in on a shot and gets the takedown as time runs out. Final score 6-3.

197: #1 Rocky Elam Tech Tyce Raddon (MIZ 28 WYO 7)

1st Period: Heavy snaps from Rocky early as he gets a go behind. Bar tilt for Rocky and he gets four points to go up 6-0 as he rides out the whole period.

2nd Period: Rocky takes bottom. Quick escape for Rocky. Great single for Rocky for an easy two and he gets him in a cradle. Lock breaks on the cradle but Rocky forces Raddon back over for four points to go up 13-0.

3rd Period: Raddon takes bottom and Rocky cuts him. Quick go behind for Rocky to go up 15-2. One more single for the 17-2 tech.

285: Terren Swartz Dec. Ryan Boersma (MIZ 28 WYO 10)

1st Period: Another true freshman getting a chance as Boersma starts. Boersma looks like an actual giant out here, I believe he’s around 6’8. Boersma looking to score with over unders to double unders but it keeps getting stalemated. Swartz with a very nice double, nearly puts Boersma on his back. Swartz rides out the period.

2nd Period: Boersma takes bottom down 2-0. Boersma to his feet and gets the escape. Coaches want Boersma to get back to his underhooks. Not much of anything that period.

3rd Period: Swartz takes bottom and gets an escape in ten seconds. Score now 3-1 in favor of Swartz. Boersma moving Swartz around and goes for a big throw at the edge but can’t score. 1:10 left. Boersma back to his underhook but Swartz knows to avoid it now. Boersma walks him out and gets a stall but he needs a score. 10 seconds and Boersma takes a double from space but doesn’t come close. Final score 3-1 for Swartz. Mizzou takes the win 28-10.

On Saturday, Brian Smith and his Mizzou wrestlers will travel to Laramie, Wyoming to take on the Cowboys. Coach Smith currently holds a 6-1 record in head-to-head matchups against Wyoming. You can see more detailed analysis in my prior article, Coach Smith vs Dual Schedule.

Moving into individual weight classes, we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. We’ll take a glimpse into each dual and matchup and, if applicable, how the opponents have fared against each other previously. Alongside these duals, I’ll try to highlight what stood out most and which contests were potential season-altering battles. With injuries and wrestlers beginning to fill in on matches, we are going to take a little different format to the preview. (Matches/Wrestlers subject to change) (Preview posted prior to Air Force Dual)

(All Rankings via FloWrestling)


Mizzou: #14 Noah Surtin (So.) or Peyton Moore (Fr.)

Wyoming: Garrett Ricks (So.) or Jore Volk (Fr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

Surtin remains inside the top fifteen on the season and there’s been no indication of him falling down the rankings soon. Coming into the Cowboy dual, Surtin leads the team in two-point (5) and four-point near falls (10) this season and his on-mat talents have led him to where he is today. He is 2-1 in duals this season and looking to add another win against Wyoming. The Cowboys will have the opportunity to send out multiple wrestlers, Garrett Ricks or Jore Volk. Ricks enters the contest with an 11-10 record and 1-2 in dual meets this season. Volk enters as a top 50 2022 recruit and currently sits at 15-6 this season and 0-1 in dual meets.

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Mizzou: HM* Connor Brown (Jr.) or Zeke Seltzer (Fr.)

Wyoming: Aidan Noonan (Rs. Fr.) or Darrick Stacey (Sr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

We can safely assume that Connor Brown continues to carry the load at 133 for the Tigers and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. Brown comes in at 2-2 in duals this season with both of his victories coming by way of fall. His competition against the Cowboys, Noonan or Stacey, step on the mat with a combined 8-11 record and 1-5 against Big 12 opponents.


Mizzou: #9 Allan Hart (Sr.)

Wyoming: Darren Green (So.) or Job Greenwood (Jr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: Hart over Green 8-4 decision (2021)

Jumping to 141, we have Allan Hart for the Tigers. Hart has put on a strong performance so far this season and is five points away from an undefeated season. He currently holds on to a 5-1 dual record and is third on the team in takedowns (38) this season. Standing in the way of another victory is the word “Green”. Team Green looks to take on a Mizzou wrestler for the first time since the 2021 season. Darren Green sits at 12-5 this season with Greenwood being at 7-3 with a notable victory over #19 Carter Young of Oklahoma State.


Mizzou: #9 Brock Mauller (Jr.)

Wyoming: Chase Zollmann (Jr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

Brock Mauller has competed in every dual for the Mizzou this season and has only seen one loss. With that 5-1 dual record, Mauller currently sits third on the team with 19 team points in meets. Like Allan Hart, he is also another Tiger wrestler who is just shy of an undefeated season, one point to be exact. Across the way for Wyoming is Chase Zollman, a one-time NCAA qualifier (2021) who currently holds a 12-11 record on the season. He has faced a Tiger Style wrestler over the past three seasons and has yet to come out as a winner.

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Mizzou: #11 Jarrett Jacques (Sr.) or Logan Giofffre (So.)

Wyoming: #14 Jacob Wright (Sr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: Wright over Jacques 3-2 decision (2022), Jacques over Wright 5-3 decision (2022), Jacques over Wright 3-1 decision (2021)

Our first-ranked match of the evening belongs to the 157-weight class. Tiger Style Jarrett Jacques will get another go at a top fifteen-ranked wrestler. This season, Jacques has a dual record of 3-1 and currently leads the Tigers in total takedowns (42). His Cowboy opponent, Jacob Wright, steps to the circle with a losing record against Jacques. He is a two-time NCAA qualifier and holds an 11-1 record this season with the lone loss coming to unranked Derek Holschlag of UNI.


Mizzou: #1 Keegan O’Toole (So.) or Cameron Steed (Fr.) or James Conway (Fr.)

Wyoming: Cole Moody (Jr.)

Prior Match-Up: O’Toole over Moody 12-6 decision (2021)

Banking on a healthy Keegan O’Toole, the Tigers should have a bonus win locked up at 165. O’Toole has now won thirty-seven straight matches dating back to the 2021 season with twenty-three of those wins coming via bonus wins. The lucky contestant taking on O’Toole belongs to an unranked Cole Moody. Moody is a one-time NCAA qualifier and currently holds on to a 12-8 record this season.


Mizzou: #9 Peyton Mocco (Jr.)

Wyoming: HM* Hayden Hastings (Sr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

At 174, Peyton Mocco steps to the circle with one dual loss on the year and sits just two back (40) from the team’s takedown leader (42*). Mocco stands in with a 12-3 record this year and accounts for 6 bonus victories including four by fall. Standing across from him will be three-time NCAA qualifier, Hayden Hastings. Hasting is a 12-4 wrestler with no ranked victories this season.


Mizzou: Colton Hawks (So.) or HM Sean Harman (So.) or Clayton Whiting (Fr.)

Wyoming: Quayin Short (Rs. Fr.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

The anticipated wait at 184, the law firm of Hawks and Harman returns back to the mats once again. With a combined 20-12 record on the season, these two wrestlers have battled all season for the Tigers and continue to get opportunities to compete. With a Big 12 match on the line, the H&H firm will be taking on former 2021 top-100 recruit Quayin Short. Short is 15-7 this season with a ranked win over #14 at 184. he comes in with a 2-3 record in his last five contests.

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Mizzou: #1 Rocky Elam (So.) or Jesse Cassatt (Rs. Fr.)

Wyoming: Tyce Raddon (So.)

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

While Rocky still sits at the top of the rankings, this could be another contest where we see Coach Smith give him another opportunity to rest. Rocky Elam has only competed a handful of times this season but has looked dominant during every match. Potentially standing in would be Jesse Cassatt, who has seen one dual bout in the opening meet of the season where he came out with a win by fall over Lindenwood. The competition at 197, Tyce Raddon, is a .500 wrestler (7-7) and is getting his first crack at division one wresting.


Mizzou: #8 Zach Elam (Jr.) or Seth Nitzel (So.)

Wyoming: Terren Swartz (So.)

  • Prior Match-Up: Elam over Swartz 17-4 major decision (2022)

Finally, we get to the big guys! Zach Elam has started and competed in every dual this season and has a 5-1 dual record to show for it. In his last five contests, Elam has outscored his opponents 24-3 while collecting seven takedowns and giving up none. Looking to take him down will be a 12-8 Terren Swartz. Swartz is 2-3 in his last five and has no victories over a nationally ranked wrestler.

The Tiger Style wrestling team should have no problem defeating another Big 12 opponent. As you can tell from above, there is very limited head-to-head battles where the Tiger won’t be the favorite to win once again. Wrestling in back-to-back contests in two different states can take a taxing toll on you both physically and mentally. Coach Smith will keep his squad rested and prepared to showcase their talent and continue their Tiger Style ways!