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NCAA Wrestling: Missouri Tiger Style vs. Northern Iowa Panthers Preview & Live Blog

The Mizzou wrestling team will welcome the UNI Panthers for their first home dual for the 2023 year. Here we take a look at the potential matchup on the evening.

Live Match Updates

Some big news out of the gate, Connor Brown, Jarrett Jacques, and Keegan O’Toole are out for this dual. Zeke Seltzer, Logan Gioffre, and J Conway announced to start.

125lbs: #14 Noah Surtin Tech Kyle Golhoffer (MIZ 5 UNI 0)

1st Period: Early stall on Golhoffer after Surtin forces him out. Golhoffer in on a shot and Surtin defends to a stalemate. Surtin snatches a leg from a front headlock and trips him for two and puts him on his back! Four nearfall and Surtin on top with 45 seconds left. Another big throw and Surtin works him over for four more! Up 10-0 after the first period.

2nd Period: Surtin takes bottom. Golhoffer cuts him after a standup and gets in on a leg but Surtin defends to a stalemate. Another stall call against Golhoffer and Surtin gets another point. Golhoffer in on a leg and Surtin takes him over for a takedown and two nearfall for the 16-0 tech! Great start for the Tigers.

133lbs: #15 Kyle Biscoglia Dec. Zeke Seltzer (MIZ 5 UNI 3)

1st Period: Seltzer making his first start for the Tigers against a tough opponent. Seltzer scores off the whistle with a throw by but quick Biscoglia escape. Stalemate with both guys on their knees. Biscoglia working a lot from the knees but Seltzer defending well. Biscoglia shoots and Seltzer tries to go behind but gets stalemated.

2nd Period: Biscoglia takes bottom, Seltzer up 2-1. Biscoglia escape, Seltzer with :25 of riding time. Biscoglia in deep on a double but Sletzer defends until time runs out. Match all tied up.

3rd Period: Seltzer takes neutral in a tied match. Mizzou wants stalling on Biscoglia for being on his knees but he’s taking shots now. Biscoglia scores a low single to take the 4-2 lead. Biscoglia good from top, gets a stall call to get a point. Seltzer doesn’t give up anymore but drops the match 5-2.

141lbs: #7 Allan Hart Dec. Julian Farber (MIZ 8 UNI 3)

1st Period: Mizzou gets a break here as UNI doesn’t send out #9 Cael Happel. Hart chases a leg and works his way to a takedown. Hart cuts him with 36 seconds of riding time. Hart gets to an ankle and gets another takedown. After a reset Hart cuts him again with over a minute of riding time.

2nd Period: Farber takes bottom, Hart up 4-2. Hart cuts again. Hart in on a leg, and gets another takedown. Farber close to a reversal after catching the leg but stalemated. Hart cuts him again. Farber in on a leg but time runs out.

3rd Period: Hart up 6-4 and takes bottom. Farber going optional start. Farber in on another leg, Hart sits out and nearly gets two, stalemated. 30 seconds left and riding time locked up, essentially 8-4 lead. Farber in deep and Hart sits out, scores two at the buzzer for a 10-4 win!

149lbs: #9 Brock Mauller Dec. #12 Colin Realbuto (MIZ 11 UNI 3)

1st Period: Big ranked match here as Mauller makes his return. Heavy handfighting from both guys early. Both of them looking for a two on one, 40 seconds left with no score or real shots. Mauller with a double but time may have run out, they’re going to review. Confirmed, no takedown.

2nd Period: 0-0 after the first and he takes bottom. Mauller to his feet but there’s a scramble. Stalling on Realbuto hanging on a leg. Mauller quick escape off the restart. Mauller nearly runs through him at the buzzer again but doesn’t finish.

3rd Period: 1-0 lead for Mauller, Realbuto takes bottom. Mauller cuts him early. Realbuto in on a leg, Mauller scrambles and looks like he scored two. Refs going to review again. Call overturned and it’s a takedown! Mauller wins 3-1!

157lbs: #24 Derek Holschlag Dec. Logan Gioffre (MIZ 11 UNI 6)

1st Period: Gioffre in on a shot and gets it into the air, nearly finishes multiple times but they go out of bounds. Gioffre in deep again and scrambling, Holschlag nearly with a Winn Dixie but time runs out.

2nd Period: 0-0 and Holschlag takes bottom. Holschlag escapes, Gioffre with :39 of riding time. Gioffre fakes but not many real shots as the period ends.

3rd Period: Gioffre takes bottom down 1-0. Nice cartwheel to nearly escape but Holschlag hangs on, gives up a stall though. Gioffre escapes. In deep on a shot and locks his hands but Holschlag had a leg. Going to review after Mizzou challenges. No takedown. 1:07 left all tied up. Gioffre upping the pace here. Holschlag in on a leg and finishes. 22 seconds left and they’re going to review for an escape. They’re saying no escape. Gioffre on bottom. Gioffre rolls and is so close to a reversal multiple times but time runs out and Holschlag takes the 3-1 win.

165lbs: #10 Austin Yant Dec. J Conway (MIZ 11 UNI 9)

1st Period: Another true freshman getting their first start tonight. Lot of handfighting but nothing too crazy as far as offense. 0-0 after the first.

2nd Period: Yant takes bottom. Conway with some good returns but Yant escapes after 19 seconds. Both guys taking shots and pushing each other around but nothing too serious.

3rd Period: Conway takes neutral. Stall on green and Yant scores. He locks up a cradle but bails. 1:25 left. Yant with a leg in and working. Yant gets riding time but no nearfall for a 4-0 win.

174lbs: #11 Peyton Mocco Fall Carson Babcock (MIZ 17 UNI 9)

1st Period: Big chance for Mizzou here as ranked Lance Runyon is out. Mocco blows through him for two! Mocco keeps him down for the rest of the period to take a 2-0 lead and 53 seconds of riding time.

2nd Period: Mocco takes bottom up 2-0. Mocco on bottom catches the head and flips him over for an escape! Nearly scores on a double again but Babcock defends. Mocco reshoots on a Babcock attempt and scores two! Stalling on Babcock as he’s stuck on his stomach. Mocco with another rideout.

3rd Period: 5-0 lead for Mocco and 1:19 of riding time. Babcock takes neutral. Some indescribable scrambles and Mocco scores two! Cuts him looking for bonus up 7-1. Mocco gets a pin but UNI challenged before it happened. Have to see how it goes here. UNI looking for a takedown from rear standing. Call stands and Mocco officially gets the pin!

184lbs: #2 Parker Keckeisen Dec. Colton Hawks (MIZ 17 UNI 12)

1st Period: Hawks heavy on the head early. This is more like a fist fight than a hand fight early. Hawks close to a leg but Keckeisen defends, Hawks forces him out to get a stall though! Keckeisen head taps to a takedown and gets the finish, straight to a cradle. Hawks basing out hard fighting, fights it off until time runs out.

2nd Period: Keckeisen up 2-0 with :57 of riding time, Hawks takes bottom. Keckeisen with another cradle, Hawks fights it off. Hawks looking for a peterson but doesn’t get it. Gets an escape though! Both guys doing well with shots reshots but no finishes. Period ends with Keckeisen up 2-1 and 1:32 of riding time.

3rd Period: Keckeisen takes bottom. Keckeisen close to an escape but now in on a leg and gets a reversal. Keckeisen goes optional looking for a cradle but lets Hawks up. Keckeisen looking to pick up the pace. Keckeisen with a sweep single and Hawks fights off some hard fighting to keep it neutral. Hawks advancing with :40 left. Keckeisen with a single to a takedown. 7 seconds left, 7-2 in favor of Keckeisen with riding time. Keckeisen gets the win but Hawks avoids giving up bonus.

197lbs: #1 Rocky Elam Maj. Noah Glaser (MIZ 21 UNI 12)

1st Period: Rocky with a cradle! But Glaser fights it off to just give up two. Rocky putting on a tough ride, just hit a minute of riding time with 1:20 left in the first. Rocky finishes the period on top up 2-0 with 2:22 of riding time.

2nd Period: Rocky takes bottom. Escape for Rocky in 15 seconds. Rocky with another single leg finish. Glaser has a leg and is working but it gets stalemated. Glaser gets to his feet but Rocky returns and flattens Glaser out. Rocky finishes another period on top up 5-0 and 3:09 of riding time.

3rd Period: Glaser takes bottom. Mizzou wants Rocky to cut and look for bonus. Glaser caught the leg again and is working but another stalemate. 1:28 left, Rocky getting up slow but cuts Glaser. Rocky with his sweep single and gets one, immediately cuts him. Rocky with fakes towards the edge, eventually runs Glaser over to take a 9-2 lead and riding time locked up. Stalling on red for crawling off the mat. 11 seconds and Rocky will get a 10-2 major to lock up the dual!

285lbs: #8 Zach Elam Dec. #14 Tyrell Gordon (MIZ 24 UNI 12)

1st Period: Zach with a nice throw by but loses his footing and can’t finish. Zach with a single and nearly runs him into the table but out of bounds. Zach with three shots to none as time runs out.

2nd Period: 0-0, Gordon takes bottom. Gordon with a very strong nice escape. Gordon doubles Zach off the mat but keeps his balance thankfully. Minute left, not much aside from handfighting. Zach forces a stall with a shot as they go out of bounds. Time runs out with Gordon up 1-0.

3rd Period: Zach takes bottom. Quick escape for Zach and it’s all tied up. Gordon in on a single, Zach sits the edge and is lifting hard. Gordon comes out behind but Zach with a leg to prevent a call. Stalemate call. 1:15 left. Over under at the edge and Gordon tries a throw but they go out of bounds. 15 seconds left. Going to OT.

Overtime: 2 minutes first score wins. Very close two but they go out of bounds and UNI is not happy. 1:20 left. Gordon in deep on a single an Zach sits the corner. Both guys fighting here and Zach gets the two! Mizzou wins! 24-12 over #14 Northern Iowa.

Brian Smith and his Mizzou wrestlers will be staying in Columbia for its next dual meet. On Sunday, January 8, 2023, the Tigers will welcome the Northern Iowa Panthers for its Gold Rush Night. Coach Smith currently holds an 11-5 record in head-to-head match-ups against UNI. You can see a more detailed analysis in my prior article, Coach Smith vs Dual Schedule.

Moving into individual weight classes we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. We are taking a glimpse into each dual and match-up that has been had along the road and how we have faired at each one. Looking along these duals, I’ll try to highlight which stood out most and which were potential season-altering battles. (Matches subject to change)

(All Rankings via FloWrestling)

125lbs: So. Noah Surtin vs. So. Kyle Golhoffer

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

After taking a brief injury hiatus, Noah Surtin jumped right into the new year swinging. Coming in straight off of a trip to the finals at the Southern Scuffle, we should expect him to keep rolling into this contest against an inferior opponent. His opponent, Kyle Golhoffer, is seeing his first time inside the starting lineup for the Panthers and enters with a 4-7 record on the season.

133lbs: Jr. Connor Brown (MIZ) vs. Jr. Kyle Biscoglia

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

The rollercoaster season continues for Connor Brown as he finds himself sitting one win above .500 on the season. Brown has wrestled tough all season losing no match by more than four points. This contest brings yet another challenge to him as he gets to take on #15 Kyle Biscoglia. Biscoglia is a returning 2022 NCAA qualifier and Big 12 finalist in the 133lbs weight class. He currently holds a 12-4 record and has victories over the #5 (Dylan Ragusin, Mich) and #11 (Chris Cannon, NW) ranked wrestlers at 133lbs.

141lbs: Sr. Allan Hart (MIZ) vs. So. Cael Happel

  • Prior Match-Up: Happel 9-7 dec. over Hart (2021)

Our first ranked showdown belongs to two wrestlers at the top of their division, #9 Allan Hart, and #7 Cael Happel. Hart enters the bout off of a dominant showing at the Southern Scuffle that saw him as a finalist. Happel steps on the mat with an 11-2 record with his two losses coming by close decisions from #6 Ryan Jack (NC State) and #5 Brock Hardy (Neb).

149lbs: Jr. Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. Jr. Colin Realbuto

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

Mauller’s first action of the 2023 year comes against Colin Realbuto. Realbuto is the #14 wrestler at 149 lbs and currently holds an 11-3 record. He is a returning 2022 NCAA qualifier and Big 12 medalist. Realbuto is currently on a four-match win streak which includes a 9-7 decision win over #4 Sammy Sasso (OHST).

157lbs: Sr. Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) vs. Sr. Derek Holschlag

  • Prior Match-Up: Jacques 3-1 dec. over Holschlag (2022), Jacques 4-2 dec. over Holschlag (2021)

After starting off the season with seven straight wins, Jacques has gone 3-2 over his last five matches with losses coming from the #2 and #3 ranked wrestlers in his weight division. Looking to get back into another win streak, Jacques has a get-right match coming against an opponent he has had close matches with both times. Holschlag, a returning 2022 NCAA qualifier, comes to Mizzou as an unranked competitor and carries a 9-3 record.

165lbs: So. Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs. Sr. Austin Yant

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

Keegan O’Toole remains one of two unbeaten left on the team and also seeking his first contest of the new year. Standing across the mat from O’Toole is Austin Yant, an undefeated (11-0) and #14 ranked wrestler at 165 lbs. Yant is a returning two-time NCAA qualifier and Big 12 medalist.

174lbs: Jr. Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs. So. Lance Runyon

  • Prior Match-Up: Mocco 9-6 dec. over Runyon (2021)

Our next big match of the night belongs to the 174 lbs weight class. Moccos is welcomed back to Columbia after making an appearance in the finals at the 2023 Southern Scuffle. He currently sits at #9 on the rankings board. His opponent Lance Runyon, a returning two-time NCAA qualifier, holds the #12 spot. Runyon has only competed twice on the season putting him at 1-1 with his sole loss coming to #6 Ethan Smith (OHST) by a two-point decision.

184lbs: So. Colton Hawks or So. Sean Harman (MIZ) vs. So. Parker Keckeisen

  • Prior Match-Up: No Previous History

The back and forth continues between Harman and Hawks at 184. Both wrestlers are coming off 2-2 performances at the Scuffle and looking to gain a leg on the starting job. Their competition, Parker Keckeisen, stands alone at the top of the Panther Roster. Keckheisen steps inside the Hearnes Center as the #2 wrestler at 184 with a 10-1 record. His lone loss came by a six-point decision to #3 Trent Hidlay (NCST), which he has since wrestled a second time and defeated by way of a fall. Keckeisen is a two-time NCAA All-American placing third in back-to-back seasons (2021 & 2022).

197lbs: So. Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs. Jr. Noah Glaser

  • Prior Match-Up: Elam 12-4 maj. dec. over Glaser (2021)

The next Tiger looking to get their first 2023 victory belongs to #1 Rocky Elam. Rocky is the second of two undefeated wrestlers at Mizzou and will have the opportunity to add. Standing in his way is Noah Glaser, a wrestler who comes in unranked and one win above .500 (6-5).

285lbs: Jr. Zach Elam (MIZ) vs. Jr. Tyrell Gordon

  • Prior Match-Up: Elam 5-2 dec. over Gordon

Our final bout of the evening brings us two wrestlers inside the top fifteen in their weight class. Zach Elam, the #8 ranked wrestler is fresh off a Southern Scuffle title and looking to continue his success. Across the circle, Tyrell Gordon is #13 at 285 lbs and a returning 2022 NCAA qualifier. He holds on to an 11-4 record this season and has decision victories over the #15 (Tate Orndorff, OHST) and #14 (AJ Nevills, SDSU) wrestlers at 285 lbs.