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SB Nation Reacts: How many points will Mizzou need to score to beat Georgia?

With a big road test awaiting the Tigers the offense will need to play great... but how great?

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

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Going on the road in the SEC is never easy, going to Athens these days is even more difficult. Georgia is Georgia. The two time defending National Champions haven’t lost since December 4th of 2021, that’s 25 games in a row. Their last loss at home was two years before that on October 12th in 2019.

Playing well defensively is what kept Mizzou in the game last year, but as good as the defense played the offense wasn’t able to keep the pressure on the Bulldogs as the game wore on and Georgia was able to complete their comeback. So the question is this:

Knowing what we know about the defense, how many points will the offense need to score to win the game on Saturday?

  • 20-25 — because the defense will hold em
  • 25-30 — because we can’t expect the defense to be perfect
  • 30-35 — because you can’t miss opportunities like this

The spread is down to 15.5 points from 17. Do you think Georgia will cover that?