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MERCH! Who wants a Tennessee State Champs T-Shirt?

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with that will also benefit Mizzou NIL efforts!

Sometimes you have to just speak things into existence. Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley floated the idea of a Tennessee State Champs t-shirt should the Tigers beat Tennessee last Saturday, and that set the wheels in motion on the old Rock M Nation chat app.

Now you can get your hands on this fresh t-shirt, printed by local Columbia business and its exceptional owner Miki Merritt, at the same time as you support Mizzou’s NIL efforts. The collaboration is something we hope to build upon with our Rock M Radio brand, so if this goes well there’s a chance we could see all kinds of fun new merchandise from Rock M Nation/Rock M Radio and 573tees.

Buy the shirt here!

We’re also looking into getting some coffee mugs made as well. So keep an eye out for that. We’re planning on splitting all profits with Miki at 573tees, and donating the bulk of our proceeds to Every True Tiger. Depending on how many are sold (Ireally have no idea how popular this idea might be) we will also work at upgrading some of the equipment we use to podcast to make your viewing and listening experience better!