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BoC meeting reveals athletics expenses, hides secret plans for future / [UPDATED TITLE: MIZZOU COMES BACK FROM DEAD]

Mizzou BoC Links & Hoops Madness for Friday, November 17

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Exactly how it happened. #MIZ

Everyone — my dad, the internet, Rock M staff — was asking who would be the next Dree Gholston. Will the Tigers have a new Dree Gholston.

Come on down, Sean East. OH MY GOD. ICE IN HIS VEINS.

It was also so, so, so, so cool to see major important minutes from Curt Lewis (his tweet says he stays ready), Ant, Jordan, and Trent (all freshmen!!) down the stretch. Of course, along with those of Nick Honor, Noah Carter, and the aforementioned Ice Man.

Hang it in the Met, Matthew? It should be in the Louvre. It’s the most beautiful, most insane thing I’ve ever seen.

And finally... I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING. The amount of respect these guys have for one another. It just can’t be topped. I lost it watching them all hug Caleb. Maybe it’s cuz it’s after midnight as I write this and I’m tired, but also because it’s just so GD beautiful. Someone said (Calum, maybe?) that if the season goes as us fans hope it does, it might be worth circling back to this video in the spring.

I’m still in shock as to how the Missouri Tigers, down by 20 at one point in the second half, came storming back, punched ‘em in the throat (or in Grill’s case, apparently “hit” an official, I kid), and overtook the lead with 9 SECONDS LEFT FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL GAME. Here’s the link to the call from Mike Kelly. Chills.

Also, I had already written the entire part up top, so thanks for the extra work, DENNIS. So without further ado... here’s what I had written before the game in which I needed resuscitation multiple times.


MUCH to everyone’s dismay, no grand plans regarding facility improvements were revealed after the Board of Curators meeting on Thursday, choosing to keep the top secret stuff under wraps a bit longer. BOO. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if they’re going to, say, tear down Hearnes, make some baseball stadium improvements, construct a playable tennis facility... fix the track... provide Walton Stadium with a scoreboard that doesn’t look like a wind gust will knock it over... make a mega hill...

I was really looking forward to writing about all the big changes that I had hoped were coming.

Alas, they did reveal expenditures. Here’s Matt Harris with more. I envision him salivating over the data; he really loves this stuff.

And since we aren’t talking about the master plan, let’s look at something else cool that was revealed. GRADES! Over a 13-year period! As a lover of education and the weird tidbit that grades stuff always comes out on my Links days, we simply love to see the academic growth exhibited by many of Mizzou’s programs while simultaneously looking back in horror at how bad it was at some points. YIKES.

Things that stuck out to me:

  • Only ONE team didn’t break the 3.0 barrier in SP23— Wrestling. They were close, though.
  • Men’s Swim & Dive has averaged higher than a 3.0 every semester since 2015 and Men’s Cross Country only has two single semesters below a 3.0
  • GO LADIES! KILLING IT in the GPA department, with a 3.57 in FS23 and a 3.61 in SP23. Furthermore, the lowest SP23 GPA was a 3.21 (Volleyball). That’s crazy awesome.
  • Softball hasn’t had below a 3.0 until 2013-14, and Women’s Hoops since 2014-15. Gymnastics has only had one single semester under 3.0 (FS16). Wow.
  • We knew it... but man, there were some dark times in Mizzou Hoops, huh? Here’s the GPA average of each coach’s tenure.... I did math!

Gates (3.235, 1 yr) | Martin (2.652, 5 yrs) | Anderson (2.431, 3 yrs) | Haith (2.578, 3yrs) | Anderson, M (2.485, only one season showing on report)

  • Remember when Kim Anderson was brought in to clean things up on AND off the court? Seems like he didn’t really do that, huh? He only had one season where the team even averaged above a 2.5 and it was his final year. Wow.
  • Dennis Gates has the Tigers back to averaging at least 3.0 for the first time since FS12.

On to the Links!

But first, give Mizzou your money, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Darius Robinson, amazing human.
  • Cody Shredder/Muscle Hamster/GOAT went on the Pat McAfee Show.


  • LOL (unrelated to Mizzou, but you’ll get it...)

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Comin’ Home
  • Welcome, Kiwi Louie!
  • Speaking of Volleyball, the Tigers are set to take on no. 20 Florida in their final home match of the regular season, and tickets are just $4! The giveaway is a Mizzou scarf (wondering if it’s the long soccer-style one I got earlier?) and they’re honoring two seniors. This squad is YOUNG, y’all, though Dilara will be missed; she is a competitor. (More at
  • Sierra is killing it, y’all.
  • Get after it!

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Kobeeeeee (Clippers) : no updates. The no good, very bad Clippers team (hmmmm.... I wonder when things started going south?!) will be back in action tonight.
  • D’Moi (Lakers/South Bay) is on a two way between the Lakers and the South Bay Lakers (0-

11/15: 1 minute | no stats

  • Zay (Greensboro Swarm)

11/15: 13 min | 0 points (0-2 FG/3PT) | 2 REB | 1 AST | 3 PF | 0 TO

  • Tilly (Greensboro Swarm)

11/15: 19 min | 8pts on 2-5 FG | 6 REB | 3 TO | 5 PF

  • MPJ (Nuggies): no updates. They will be back in action tonight
  • Druuuuuu (Heat): no updates. DNP in Thursday’s 122-115 W over the Nets.
  • JC (Jazz): no updates for my favorite head-to-toe tatted guy. They return to action tonight.

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