SEC Survivor Pool 2023 - Week 13

War Eagle goes down as will the regular Eagles Monday night!

Final week of the season, so you only have two teams left to chose from.

The only two I have left are playing each other.


You know the rules, make your team selection in the comments below. If your team loses, you are out. If you fail to make a weekly pick before the game you pick is played, you are out. If you reuse a team, you are out. Last few standing at the end of the season are the winners.

The grid schedule linked at the bottom is probably the easiest way to chart your season picks. There are 13 weeks and 14 teams so one team you won't need to use.

NOTE: Vandy already played in Week 0 so they have an extra bye week going forward.




Entire SEC schedule in grid form:

Have fun!

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