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Live Game Thread: The Battle Line Rivalry takes center stage in Fayetteville

Bragging rights and a potential New Year’s Six bowl berth are on the line as Mizzou and Arkansas meet for the 15th time.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV. 25 Arkansas at Missouri

Missouri 48 | Arkansas 14


First Quarter Notes

  • Two quick targets for Luther Burden on the first two plays. First was a swing pass for a first down, second was a slightly overthrown post route.
  • Sidney Williams flies in from his safety spot on a blitz and takes KJ Jefferson down to the ground. Punts from each offense thus far as the teams feel each other out.
  • Neither punter is having a great day at the office thus far either.
  • Cody Schrader bursts through an alley that the right side of the O-line (Membou, Johnson) created for 36 yards. He’s only seemed to improve as the season has gone on, and Schrader was rewarded for his efforts at the goal line.
  • Top-notch play calling from Kirby Moore in the red zone there, which is a large part of why the Tigers have been so successful in that area this season.
  • 8:59: Wild play with Jefferson scrambling for a big gain but getting sandwiched by Missouri players. The Arkansas QB is hurt following the play after being bent backwards, and Darius Robinson recovered what is perhaps a fumble.
  • Cook with a well-placed back-shoulder ball when he knew he had a free play, Wease adjusts with the sun in his eyes to make a great grab. Highlight-worthy play from both players.
  • 4:45: Mizzou held to a field goal, a significant win for Arkansas’ defense. Tigers hold a ten-point advantage.
  • UNC transfer Jacolby Criswell is into the game for Jefferson, was a 4-star recruit out of high school from Morrilton, Ar.
  • Johnny Walker Jr. with some great pressure to force yet another Arkansas punt.
  • Cook drops it into your Thanksgiving bread roll basket for Burden over his shoulder. He chops his feet to ensure he’s inbounds for a 28-yard gain.
  • Another instance of Arkansas jumping offsides on defense. Hard count is getting to the Hogs. But, the Razorback defense does pick up its first stop of the game.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Triston Newson with a pair of great open-field tackles. His play in relief is key for this defense’s success.
  • Andrew Armstrong records his first catch, He’s the major threat on the perimeter for Arkansas.
  • This defense certainly appeared motivated to rebound from last week’s performance against Florida leading up to this game, and it has delivered.
  • Cody Schrader has just appeared to bring a different burst to the table this season. He’s running away from defenders in a way he wasn’t last year.
  • Tiger offense has settled into a bit of a funk. Cook has not looked like himself throwing the ball for the majority of this game.
  • Schrader being tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage seems to be just as likely as him picking up 10+ yards at this point.
  • Offensive line getting into it with Arkansas’ sideline after a late hit on Cook. Offensive line was the first position group to run over there.
  • The emotions boil over again on the next play, with a handful of cheap shots and punches thrown. Armand Membou was in the mix from Mizzou and was going back-and-forth with some Arkansas players. Ejections will likely ensue.
  • Membou is ejected from the game, as are a pair of Razorbacks.
  • 5:35: After all of that, Cook scampers in untouched and silences the crowd.
  • Schrader with yet another explosive run, this offensive line has not missed a beat even without the services of Membou.
  • This game could already be well out-of-reach if Mizzou executed just a little better in the red zone.

Third Quarter Notes

  • Triston Newson with a fumble recovery to set Mizzou up in Arkansas territory right away. He’s flashed heavily throughout this game, and Jaylon Carlies forced the turnover after screaming in on a blitz.
  • Cook stood in there and took an absolute shot so that Theo Wease could earn that pass interference. Chalk that up as yet another gutsy play in the QB’s already extensive highlight reel.
  • Norfleet reels in a 16-yard touchdown grab. He’s played a great game in every aspect today and has continued his late-season success.
  • Arkansas muffs a kick-off and Marvin Burks jumps on it. Cook finds Norfleet for his second TD of the game as the Tigers have blown this one wide open.
  • Razorback offense just has a low ceiling without Jefferson in the game. Not much they are able to do creatively, and the Tiger defense is really just teeing off.
  • Another 200-yard game for Cody Schrader, his second of the season.
  • Chuck Hicks forces a fumble after hitting Criswell from his blind-side, and Jayden Jernigan recovered the fumble in the end zone. The defense yet again comes up with a key play to put this game further out of reach.
  • Interested to see if any starters play in the fourth quarter.
  • 1:06: Razorbacks just took their first snap in Missouri territory.

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Arkansas gets on the board with a fade route from Criswell to Armstrong. Kris Abrams-Draine was in coverage.
  • Sam Horn is in at quarterback, but his first drive results in a 3-and-out.
  • Razorbacks score again as the ground game has begun to find a rhythm.
  • 5:44: Tigers receiver the onside kick, safety Joseph Charleston on the receiving end.
  • Nathaniel Peat is running hard in relief of Schrader. His first-step is still deadly quick.

Pregame Updates

  • That pre-game piece on Cody Schrader from CBS Sports was phenomenal.

Game Info

Time: 3:00 CST

Date: November 24, 2023

Location: Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, Ar.


Fan Questions:

  1. Who will be the surprise star of the day?
  2. How many catches will Luther Burden have?
  3. How many total yards will Cody Schrader have in this game?
  4. Who will force a turnover?
  5. Who will lead the team in total tackles?

Lastly, give us your score predictions and MVP for the game in the comments below!