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Mizzou hangs on to several Williamses, racks up USA Today All-SEC honors, gets W at The Zoo

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, November 29

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It was a good day.

This writer’s health be damned, Tuesday was a pretty, pretty good day, y’all. Let’s get started.

Crootin’ Fun

Elias Williams, who was already committed to Mizzou, had been taking some extraneous visits to Tennessee, among others, and continued to entertain the advances of big-time programs like FSU and Bama, but has re-affirmed his commitment to the Tigers. I’d like to thank Elias for putting his commitment at a legitimate percentage,100%, and not something weird like 10,000%.

This comes on the heels of Williams Nwaneri, who posted this funny reply on Monday calling out a man by the name of Ronny Crimson, who apparently tweets at Nwaneri every day in hopes of bringing him aboard at OU. Just completely normal behavior.

The aforementioned shoutouts from people with Williams in their names drew the attention of PowerMizzou’s Gabe DeArmond. So.many.Williams.

USA Today releases All-SEC Teams, Schrader named finalist

This is so, so, so, so, so cool. So many awards!!!!!! Congrats to Coach Drink, KAD, Luther, Cody, D-Rob and Javon!

Per the Missourian’s Wendell Shepherd Jr., he’s joined by OK State’s Ollie Gordon II and UNC’s Omarion Hampton. Unfortunately, KAD is not a finalist for the Thorpe Award, per Brandon Haynes. Read more about Cody’s nomination at

Tigers hold firm in CFP rankings

Another College Football Playoff Show... another no. 9 ranking! I bet Ole Miss’ fanbase is really happy about this, tee hee.

Just for fun, here’s how it might have looked had the 12-team playoff started this season. You can read more here, from Yahoo! Sports.

ACC-SEC Challenge: Battle of the Big Cats

Mizzou traveled to Pitt for the inaugural SEC-ACC Challenge, and came away with their best win of the season. As Jaden pointed out in his recap, the Panthers look to be a possible tourney team, so this win at “the Oakland Zoo” (not to be confused with “The Zou”) could go a long way to take away the bitter taste leftover from that Jackson State game. Read the recap at

Wow, Aiden.

I love Sean East, you guys.

Tiger Talk: Hoops Edition returns Wednesday!


The weekly radio show series airs on Monday and Wednesday throughout the basketball season, beginning tomorrow with the men’s program tipping the show off. The women’s team joins the program on Monday, Dec. 4 with its show running from 6 to 7 p.m. each week with the men’s team to follow from 7 to 8 p.m.

On to the Links!


Yesterday at Rock M (AKA: Jaden Nation)

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Social Media Stuff

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  • Some special fans in the stands in the Steel City!
  • Best wishes, Max Whisner!
  • This is a fan-freaking-tastic use of this space! Still to come, a bunch of batting cages!
  • Dawn’s really done a kick-ass job this season. Can’t wait to watch the Tigers face Delaware on Friday!
  • Really incredible for the sport as a whole, as well as Mizzou
  • OOOOH. A new bat signal from Coach KJ
  • Not sure what the Omaha Challenge is, but Cal saw the guys running on his way back to the J-School
  • This is really cool for Barry Odom in his first season at the helm at UNLV
  • Well, this is so cute.
  • Let’s get to know the juniors!
  • Love to hear this about Mizzou WBB signee MaRiya Vincent

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