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SB Nation Reacts Results: Fans say Mizzou needs to score

After feeling confident all season, Mizzou fans are feeling a little more realistic this time around.

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There seems to be a little quiet confidence, or maybe it’s not that quiet, from segments of the Mizzou fan base about this game against Georgia. If you spend any time around the social medias, or listening to Nate and BK, you might think Mizzou fans are confident they can go down to Athens and walk out of Sanford Stadium with a big win.

But we put it to a vote, and well...

That’s not a lot of confidence in the defense if you think the offense needs to score 30-35 points to win. And well...

So 72% of the voters think Mizzou is NOT going to win this game. Which seems about right. We want them to win. I’m sure people are like me and think they have a chance to win. But if you were forced to put money down on the game... I’d be picking Mizzou to cover or Georgia to cover. Maybe the money line is enticing enough but... yeah that’s a hard move when you look at the history of this matchup and Georgia’s recent history at home. It’s a long shot.

National Votes

This is a pretty tough question to ask. Michigan has played nobody, but they’ve also blasted everyone they’ve played. Washington is undefeated but squeaked by the Arizona schools and have only beaten Oregon. Florida State beat LSU in week 1 and haven’t looked back. The ACC is also in a bit of a down cycle so wins over Clemson or Wake or Virginia Tech don’t quite carry the same weight.

It might be hard to argue the LSU-Alabama game is the most anticipated. But low-key that UW-USC might be the most entertaining. USC can’t play defense but they can score. They should just play first to 60 wins, but might need to say 70. And K-State beating Texas might go a ways to make that Mizzou win look a little better.

Penix should win the Heisman and I’m going to get out of this without making any jokes about his last name. He’s been awesome, his team is fun. If Washington makes the playoff, I think he’s probably the shoe in.