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Something to Prove: All Sports Edition

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, November 8

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Something to Prove: (Many) Mizzou Sports Edition

Listen, we all know Mizzou Football’s mantra this season: STP. Something to Prove. I’d argue, however, that that slogan can apply to many of Mizzou’s sports teams, who are out to prove that they belong, that the preseason rankings are blasphemous, that the coaching staff deserves another shot, that they can return to glory. That they can take a group of youngsters to new heights. Let’s review.


Eli Drinkwitz’s crew has been preaching STP all season. They’re out to prove they belong in the SEC, that they can outplay their preseason predictions, that they deserve all the accolades, and that when they are “on,” they can match up with anyone. I think the Tigers have done a great job this season of proving themselves so far, by the way.

They’re currently tied for second in the SEC East standings, after the preseason SEC coaches poll had them sixth. SIXTH. Want sole possession of second place? Beat the orange team this weekend. Top 15 in the CFB Playoff rankings for the second straight week? Sounds like a team that belongs in the big bad SEC to me. CHECK.

Missouri played Georgia closer than any other SEC team the last two years. And it is not even close. CHECK.

Should the Tigers win out and a few more other results go their way, they could be in line for a New Years 6 bowl. That would be awesome. If that doesn’t happen, I’m totally cool with a Florida bowl, as there would be a good chance me and the fam could go when I’m in town... RIGHT, MOM & DAD?!

And finally, after some stellar performances of various members of the team (#Luther4Heisman, Brady Cook pre-weird turnovers, etc.), it was announced on Tuesday that Cody Shrader, Mr. Former Walk-On Division II Truman State RB himself, is a semifinalist for the Bulsworth Trophy. What a story. Hear from Theo Wiese Jr. at Tuesday’s media day on his teammate.

And what about the Thiccer Kicker? Now sitting atop the all-time leading scorer list after his performance at Georgia. Not bad for our thicc king.

And this praise for D-Rob? When it comes from the tippy-top of the coaching rankings, people tend to listen.


Doubt Dennis Gates at your own peril. Despite finishing 4th last year with a ragtag group of mid-major misfits (I will never get tired of using this phrasing), I just don’t see how people look at this team, full of vets with a shit-ton of experience and think they are going to finish 9th. 6th I can get behind, as many at our site and other local outlets have said, but 9th? I just don’t see it. Have you seen that offense? That depth? That pace? Defense be damned, as our good friend Blake Lovell of Southeastern 14 said, who cares about defense when you’re scoring 100?! I kid. We do care about defense, and so does WFMHCDG. Now, who’s ready for their first test of the season on Friday vs. a Penny-less Memphis Tigers squad?

Happy, dreamy sigh. It’s the [sings] Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The highlights. 1-0.


We all know what Mizzou Volleyball once was. A regular in the NCAA Tournament, with Sweet 16 appearances in 2017, 2016 and 2010, and 2nd round appearances in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2015 and 2013. Now, with Dawn Sullivan at the helm and the messiness of Josh Taylor cast aside, she’s got a group that just keeps winning, and tourney-eligible with several games to go. Want to learn more about the team? GO READ MATTHEW’S “OVER THE NET” SERIES RIGHT NOW.


Just a remarkable turnaround in Sullivan’s first year.

Also impressive has been individual Tigers wracking up the weekly honors. Witness.


Robin Pingeton’s team perhaps has STP more than any of the other aforementioned teams. Because we all know that if they don’t prove it, she’s likely out of a job, and I really don’t want that. I know I’m likely in the minority here — she’s had a lot of chances and hasn’t made the most of the talent on the roster — but man, I hope it works out. So far so good, though. Despite playing with only one true point guard currently (DeMyla Brown’s medical waiver was denied, and Averi Kroenke, who had a transformative offseason, broke her foot), the Tigers dispatched of Belmont in Game 1, and are set to take on Indiana State on Thursday. I hope they get it together, and if not, we’ve got some excellent women’s hoops writers in Adeen (second season) and Quentin waiting in the wings to identify potential new hires.


We are now three seasons removed from being one game shy of making the Women’s College World Series. I remember those days, pre-press pass and sitting out on the berm enjoying a cold beverage and writing about the team. And while Larissa Anderson’s squad has made the NCAA tournament each of the last two seasons (which is more than we can say for like, the team mentioned directly above this), the fanbase seems to be getting a bit antsy for more. After an offseason that saw the transfer of several role players, as well as the graduation of pitcher Jordan Weber and the addition of only one impact transfer, Northern Iowa’s Mya Dodge, it’s fair to wonder how the season will play out with a lot of freshmen and only one more year of mainstays like Jenna Laird, Alex Honnold and ace Laurin Krings. Time to OWN IT, LADIES.

And because it fits the STP theme, let’s go with this one last one, from last year’s mystery man, Zay.


Our favorite Jordans-wearing former CoMo sports reporter, Chanel Porter, may have left mid-MO, but didn’t leave the Mizzou coverage behind. Seh caught up with the newest member of the Charlotte Swarm! Always wishing the best for him. He’s really had a rough go and I just hope he does all the great things. He and Tilly. Love them both.

On to the Links!

Check out these pics from our photog, Cal! He’s so talented! Make sure you go to his twitter page, as he’s got a lot of pics from opening night!

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From the Vibes Ranking— No. 3 Missouri — Mizzou may have earned more respect in a loss than it did in any of its wins to date. The Tigers stood up to the two-time defending champions for most of the game, gained nearly as many yards and showed they were worthy of their record and ranking. There’s a lot of juice in this program now, on and off the field.


  • That giant piece of machinery is 50% bigger than the old scoreboard and really, really nice. There’s a whole ass scoreboard UNDER the scoreboard (but only on one side, I found out Monday night).

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