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Recruiting Reset: Caleb Pyfrom gives Mizzou high-ceiling potential on the outside

The three-star recruit will report to campus with a college-ready frame and strength. Now he just needs to add the speed.

For just one second, let’s give it up for the recruiting cycle’s most under-appreciated annual battle: that of the regional high-three-star offensive lineman.

Every year it feels like Mizzou stockpiles these guys like they’re loaves of bread in a snowstorm. Do you need all of them? Probably not, but it makes you feel safe!

Pyfrom, who committed to the Tigers on Monday, becomes the fourth Midwest-born offensive line recruit in the 2024 class, joining Talan Chandler, Ryan Jostes and Jayven Richardson. The 6’5”, 316 pound tackle — by the way, did you know that’s how Cayden Green measures — was a coveted prospect for regional rivals like Illinois and Nebraska. But the pull of working with a Joe Moore Award nominated unit was too much to pass up, and Pyfrom will spend his next few seasons in black and gold.

Man, I don’t know what’s funnier: Prime Will Ferrell or watching high school offensive line tape. The peak of physical comedy!

Where he fits: Pyfrom’s tape shows him mostly lining up on the outside right, where he regularly digs the graves of many high school defensive ends. I don’t know that I see the athleticism in his tape to move him inside (at least not yet), but he’s undoubtedly got the size and strength to move in or out if he applies himself in the weight room.

Mizzou’s staff is stocking up on tackles in the 2024 class, which tells me they’re looking for some answers on the outside. Assuming Pyfrom can add the foot speed to match the upper body strength, he feels like a long-term fit at tackle.

When he’ll play: When do any offensive linemen usually play? Usually not until sophomore or junior season unless you’re (a) an elite prospect (b) become a weight room champion or (c) you play for Colorado aka your line stinks.

Pyfrom has a long way to go to usurp playing time from the guys in front of him on the depth chart, especially now that any one of them can be supplanted by someone new and shiny from the transfer portal. But if he attacks the weight room, adds some agility to his college-ready frame and can learn Mizzou’s run scheme, he may be in line for snaps as early as year two.

What it all means: Given the propensity of the transfer portal to vacuum up offensive line depth, bringing in high-end OL prospects from high school has become more of an imperative for programs like Mizzou. The Tigers have had their share of success developing high three-star guys, and Pyfrom fits that mold. Under the watchful eye of Brandon Johnson, Pyfrom has the toolkit to become Mizzou’s next great mauler on the outside.