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The Prez promises, “It’s not even over.”

Mizzou Football Links for December 20


One of Mizzou’s recruiting coordinators told us to be prepared early Monday morning.

And she wasn’t kidding. Whew. It was A DAY on Tuesday, huh? And the fun ain’t over, per James “The President” Madison II, my favorite incoming Tiger.

In case you missed it, here comes a waterfall of commitments.

Cayden Green: Oklahoma O-Line transfer

Courtney Crutchfield: 4-star Wideout

Jaren Sensabaugh: 3-star Corner

All the commits have caused a shakeup in the recruiting rankings, and we simply love to see it. WHAT.A.DAY. (247 now has Mizzou at 24, btw)

Finally, a big shoutout to Rock M’s football staff, who has been frantically typing to keep up with the constant barrage of crootin’ news. We all have FT jobs, people (or are on Winter Break from college). How bout we take it down a notch, Mizzou?! While former colleague BK was active on the Slack sharing his insights, I am sure he was happy to not have to take part in all [gestures wildly] writing.

I bet their hands hurt. Is Rock M offering insurance for carpel tunnel?

Oh, and it’s now officially National Signing Day. Yay, graphics department! This below illustrates - what I imagine to be anyway - swag & cash-filled stockings, hung by the metaphorical chimney of the South End Zone complex with care.

Enjoy the day, Tigers Fans! Sammy’s got you covered with NSD links, and we’ve got a shit-ton of content coming your way.

Before you go venture below the fold, one last pressing matter. It’s...


This has been a hot topic on the ol’ Rock M Slack channel recently, so it must be asked:


Which is perfect?

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    N/A- I don’t eat meat, so it’s all gross.
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    1- rare
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  • 46%
    2- med rare
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  • 34%
    3- medium
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  • 11%
    4- med well
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  • 1%
    5- jerky (JK, well done)
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434 votes total Vote Now

Levi simply cannot be trusted. That is all. Poll is open thru Saturday.

On to the Links!

Yesterday at Rock M: Football, Football, & wait... more Football

More Links:


  • Another All-American honor for Luther Burden III
  • This is super cool.
  • Brian Huff was Mizzou’s first “signee” in Tuesday, but Kortay reminded me they can’t actually sign before NSD. What did he sign then? Wrong answers only.

Cotton Bowl Prep

  • Back to it.
  • This is so so cool.
  • The Cotton Bowl tells us who to watch
  • Some media day stuff


  • Mama was so good in the Illinois game. She could NOT be stopped.
  • Attend the women’s game on Thursday and look at this hat you can take home. Oh yes, I WILL be attending 1) because I miss my team, and 2) because HAVE YOU SEEN THAT TOBOGGAN/BEANIE?!

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Highly recommend a listen to this podcast. LOVE that they’re calling out Hannah Horton as a freshman to watch, as she’s been really impressive in the preseason. Her little section is right at the beginning!
  • Make sure you check out Matthew’s interview with the amazing Dawn Sullivan later this week. That Over the Net series has been so so so good.
  • Offseason training for Mizzou Track & Field— we’ll very likely be having someone cover this for us in the Spring, y’all.
  • Can’t wait for Al Pal’s last season at Mizzou Softball Stadium! Coming February 2024!

Mizzou in the Pros

  • NBA/G-League updates— check back Friday (I’m falling asleep currently & it’s too much data)
  • Drew Lock time
  • Nicky Bolts gives back!

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