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Live Game Thread: No. 9 Mizzou meets No. 7 Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl Classic

After a successful regular season, the Tigers look for the opportunity to add the icing on the cake with a New Years Six victory in sight

FLorida v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Missouri 14 | Ohio State 3 | Final

1st Quarter

  • Mizzou won the toss and will be on defense. The crowd erupted when it was announced that MU won the toss.
  • Darius Robinson brings down TreVeyon Henderson for a loss of two on the games first play.
  • Sidney Williams III provides the pressure on a third down blitz. Three-and-out for Ohio State.
  • Cody Schrader picks up a gain of four on his first touch. On the next play, Brady Cook scrambles for a 17 to midfield.
  • After a pair of plays that gained a yard, Brady Cook’s third down pass fell incomplete. Mizzou’s drive stalls at the OSU 48.
  • Ohio State picks up its first down thanks to Emeke Egbuka.
  • Devin Brown finds Emeke Egbuka again. Gain of eight yards. Drey Norwood was in coverage.
  • Missouri brings in an extra d-lineman but TreVeyon Henderson picks up a first down off the right side.
  • Henderson gets nothing on the next play as Chuck Hicks collects a tackle for a loss of one.
  • Sidney Williams III comes up with a big tackle of Egbuka forcing a 3rd and 15.
  • Darius Robinson chases Devn Brown out of bounds on third down. Mizzou takes over at their own 10 after a good OSU punt.
  • Cody Schrader picked up five yards on first down. Denzel Burke made a nice tackle on Brady Cook on second down. On third down, Brady Cook had to throw it away. The whole offense looked out of sync and Cook is penalized with intentional grounding.
  • TreVeyon Henderson off the right tackle. A gain of 14 yards to the Tigers 33-yard line.
  • JC Carlies stuffs a QB draw. 3rd and 7 coming up for the Buckeyes.
  • Daylan Carnell delivered a huge hit on Carnell Tate. Ohio State is going for it on fourth down.
  • Field goal Ohio State: Jayden Fielding connects from 47 yards out. Ohio State 3 | Missouri 0 | 3:12 left in 1st Quarter.
  • Brady Cook complete his second pass of the night to Theo Wease Jr. On 2nd and 9, Schrader picks up six off the left side bringing up a 3rd and 3.
  • Brady Cook scrambles for a positive gain. His 10-yard scamper gives MU a first down at their own 42.
  • Brady Cook misses Theo Wease Jr. on third down. MU sends out its punt team on 4th down.
  • Henderson gets gobbled up by Carlies for a loss of one and that’s the end of the first quarter: Ohio State 3, Missouri 0.

2nd Quarter

  • Johnny Walker Jr. comes off the left side forcing an Ohio State punt. Mizzou takes over at the OSU 48.
  • Tony Temple received a big round of applause when he was shown on the big board.
  • Schrader picks up gains of five and two. On third down, Brady Cook got stuffed. On fourth down though, Cook picked it up moving the chains.
  • But on the next play, Brady Cook was sacked by Jack Sawyer.
  • Denzel Burke wrapped up Theo Wease Jr. on the next play for a loss of one. Third down coming up.
  • Annnd Cook is sacked on third down. Riley Williams pins Ohio State deep at its own five yard line.
  • Lincoln Keinholz is now in at quarterback for Ohio State.
  • Triston Newson makes a nice play on Henderson for a loss of two. On third down, Henderson picks up around six but not enough for the first. A nice punt by the Buckeyes will have Mizzou setting up shop at their own 32.
  • Both teams have combined for 115 total offensive yards.
  • Brady Cook converted another first down with his legs, but on the next play Sawyer nearly gets home for the sack forcing a 2nd and 9.
  • Cook has to throw it out of bounds on third down. The offense is instructed to stay on the field...
  • But Drinkwitz calls a timeout.
  • Mizzou punts and Cody Schrader downs it at the OSU 11. It could have rolled for more yards.
  • Xavier Johnson picked up four yards on a jet sweep followed by an incomplete pass by Kienholz. On third down, Carnell knocked Keinholz out of bounds before the sticks. OSU punts and MU takes over at its own 33.
  • Three-and-out for Mizzou. The Tigers can’t generate anything with the rushing attack and on third down, Cook couldn’t fit it to Luther Burden III. OSU takes over at their own seven following a block in the back penalty.
  • Mizzou’s front seven wraps Henderson up for a loss of three.
  • Another loss for Henderson, Newson fits the gap perfectly. Ohio State is backed up to its own one-yard line.
  • Ohio State attempts a tush push on third and long, but a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Johnny Walker Jr. gives OSU a first down.
  • The Buckeyes pick up a first down as Xavier Johnson made a sizeable gain on a jet sweep.
  • Mizzou forced Ohio State into a third down where Keinholz lofted a pass to Jayden Ballard, but Marcus Clarke forces an incompletion.
  • Cook connects with Mookie Cooper to around midfield with 8 seconds to play.
  • Mizzou took a huge delay of game penalty and we don’t get to see a 65-yard field goal attempt by Harrison Mevis.
  • Halftime: Ohio State 3, Missouri 0.

3rd Quarter

  • On the first play of the second half, Brady Cook is sacked by Jack Sawyer.
  • Three-and-out for Mizzou. OSU takes over at their own 49.
  • Keinholz connects with Johnson down to the Mizzou 32-yard line. Johnson is shaken up on the play.
  • The drive stalls from there, Jayden Fielding doinks a 49-yard field goal attempts keeping the score at 3-0.
  • Brady Cook picks up a first down with his legs once again. He’s been Mizzou’s offense with 51 rushing yards.
  • A bad snap dooms brief momentum. 2nd and 18 for the Tigers.
  • After a short (and I mean short) pass to Burden, Cook is sacked by Sawyer on third down. OSU takes over at their own 15.
  • OSU converts a third and long with a Xavier Johnson run. On the next play Henderson picked up around nine. Hopefully the defense isn’t getting too tired with having to be on the field this much.
  • Henderson again. This time for 15 yards.
  • Ohio State’s drive stalls thanks to a third down pressure by Carnell. Mizzou takes over at their own five following another great punt by OSU.
  • Mizzou converts a third and long for what it seems like a long time. Cook hits Wease right at the sticks and on the next play Schrader picked up a first down with his legs.
  • A third first down on this drive. Brady Cook calls his own number with a 14 on a designed QB draw.
  • The offense has awakened. Cook connects on a deep ball to Marquis Johnson inside the OSU 20 for a 49-yard gain.
  • An illegal substitution penalty moves Mizzou to the 10-yard line.
  • End of 3: Ohio State 3, Missouri 0.

4th Quarter

  • Touchdown Missouri!!! Cody Schrader powers his way in from seven yards out for the first touchdown this evening. PAT is good. Missouri 7, Ohio State 0. 14:55 left in Q4.
  • On Ohio State’s first play off the MU score, Kienholz finds Egbuka near midfield. Kienholz connected with Gee Scott Jr. on the next play. We might have some offense in this game folks.
  • Ohio State’s drive stalls. Triston Newson came up with a big second down tackle and Kris Abrams-Draine broke up a third down ball. MU takes over at their own nine.
  • Schrader ground and pounded his way into a third and short scenario where he picked it up of course.
  • Brady Cook took a sack from Jordan Hancock. No one picked up the blitz from the secondary.
  • On a free play, Cook completed a perfect deep ball to Theo Wease Jr. for a huge gain. Schrader was tackled while out of bounds on the next play resulting in a penalty. MU is now at the OSU 32-yard line.
  • Brady Cook converts a fourth and one keeping the drive alive at the Buckeye 22.
  • Touchdown Missouri!!! Brady Cook connects with Luther Burden III from 11 yards out. PAT is good. Missouri 14, Ohio State 3. 5:12 left in Q4.
  • Turnover!!! Daylan Carnell forces a fumble on a safety blitz while Joe Moore II recovers. SEC Chants are reigning throughout AT&T Stadium.
  • Burden put the icing on the cake with a first down. Mizzou is going to win the Cotton Bowl.
  • Cotton Bowl Champions: Missouri 14, Ohio State 3.

Pregame Updates

Game Info

Time: 7:00 PM CT.

Date: Dec. 29, 2023.

Location: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas.


Fan Questions

  1. Which Mizzou bowl record will be broken tonight?
  2. How many passing yards will Mizzou’s secondary limit Ohio State to?
  3. How many rushing yards will Cody Schrader have in his final collegiate game?
  4. How many trick plays will Kirby Moore call tonight?
  5. Which Texas native comes up with a big play first?

Lastly, give us your score predictions and MVP for the game in the comments below!