Collection of Mizzou football moments- putting 2023 in perspective.

The first big moment I instantly think of for the Mizzou football Tigers is the Todd Reasing safety in the endzone In 2007. Naturally as one should.

The second Mizzou moment In my life time I think of is the TJ Moe catch, break tackle, run down the sideline and score against San Diego State University. I think of this moment remembering my father convinced me to leave early, us standing on the corner of Stadium Blvd. And Mick Deaver looking up at the jumbo-tron seeing the play unfold on the outside of the stadium. We never left a game early ever again. (Rest in peace pops)

The last noteworthy memory in my life time is the Sack fumble, scoope and score for the win against Oklahoma state in the cotton bowl.

Fast forward 10 years from that very Cotton bowl. Its 2023. December 29th. I'm a grown adult. With enough cash to get seats five rows from the top of the stadium at AT&T stadium. And your, my, our, Missouri Tigers just beat Ohio State University. It was emotional I hugged my wife and thanked her for letting me go to the game.

The 2023 season is very special. Maybe when thinking about moments like Todd Reasing pulling turf off his helmet I now think of the 61 yard field goal by Thicker kicker against K -State.

Maybe when thinking of the TJ moe catch. the moment where my dad and I left early, I also think of the 4th and 17 catch. With my 8 year old daughter and wife wanting to leave. And we didn't. 4th and 17 gotta have it. Luther burden makes the catch. My daughter jumping up and down. Wife high fiving everyone. Down goes Florida.

2023 gave us a lot of core memories that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

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