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Let the Transfer Portal madness begin!

Mizzou Links for December 4, 2023.

Come to Mizzou, we have gift baskets!*

If only Eli Drinkwitz had more time to celebrate...

While the Mizzou Football roster will likely spend Monday celebrating their selection to the 2023 Cotton Bowl, Eli Drinkwitz and staff won’t have time. After all, the NCAA Transfer Portal is officially open as of early this morning.

Mizzou’s staff has proven quite adept at perusing the portal over the past few years, and they should be operating at a distinct advantage this time around. After years of selling transfers on mediocre results with an improved future return, the Tigers have much more to show off to prospective new Tigers.

Eli Drinkwitz and staff have fielded one of the 10 best teams in the country this season, thanks in large part to the contributions of players from the portal. Drinkwitz’s staff hasn’t been afraid to recruit over seemingly deep positions on the roster, and many of the Tigers biggest contributors on offense and defense have come to Columbia via the portal. That should make Mizzou a popular destination this time around.

Of course, things move quickly, and it can be hard to keep up. Make sure you bookmark the following two pages to aid you in your quest for Mizzou transfer information.

1. Our official Transfer Tracker, which will list players with Mizzou connections and offers throughout the process. This post will be regularly updated with new names and information whenever it comes across the wire.

2. Our Incomings and Outgoings page, which lists all of the players will be losing to the portal and their contributions, as well as the players committed to Mizzou and more information about them.

*Rock M Nation can neither confirm nor deny that Mizzou Football offers gift baskets to incoming transfers.

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