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Arkansas routs Mizzou WBB 61-33 behind Barnum’s 14

In a must-win game, Mizzou WBB produced one of their worst performances of the season

Mitchell Scaglione / Mizzou Athletics

The Missouri Tigers lost 61-33 to the Arkansas Razorbacks in a must-win game, which has all but sealed their hopes of making the NCAA Tournament.

Missouri went on numerous scoring droughts in this game, and were held to single-digits in every quarter leading up to the final frame. Arkansas, who had come into the game after a tough stretch of losing games just like the Tigers, ended up just being more hungry.

Being more hungry should never be a problem when a game is a must-win, but it was a problem for the Tigers today. They were leaving Razorbacks wide open, wasting scoring possessions. Frankly, it just did not look like this was a game that you had to win. This is all despite Head Coach Robin Pingeton very clearly stating that we have to win out if you want to make the tournament.

I just feel like it says a lot when the commentators’ standards have been lowered so much that they are praising simple conversions of basic offensive plays by the time the third quarter has hit. I mean, Missouri had never scored less than 50 this season and they scored 33 in this one, it was just the worst offensive performance we have seen from them. In history.

Shooting wise, they were 28.6% from the field and a horrendous 6.7% from three. Not a single Missouri player eclipsed double-digit points, and I don’t even need to check my notes to see if that has happened this season.

Realistically speaking, these are the kind of losses that make you question the coaching. Turnovers have been an issue all season but 22 turnovers in this one is just flat out not good enough, and that falls on fundamentals and coaching. There has been little to no improvement on that side of the basketball, and it’s frustrating.

There isn’t really much to say about a loss like this, it’s just flat out not good enough, and I just don’t see a way this Tiger team can make the tournament now. It also leaves us with significant questions about eh future of this program. With the loss, the Tigers are now 15-10 and have lost eight of their last nine.

UP NEXT: The Tigers take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs at home on Thursday, February 16th at 7 PM CST.