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MBB Presser Notes: Mizzou looks to remain hot in Auburn

In their second of three Tiger vs. Tiger matchups this season, Mizzou will take on Auburn on the road. Dennis Gates and Mabor Majak met with the media to preview the matchup and recap the Tennessee game.

NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some quotes from Dennis Gates and Mabor Majak’s interviews on Monday morning. The Tigers will take on Auburn at 6 p.m. CST in Auburn, AL. The game can be viewed on ESPN2.

Dennis Gates | Head Coach

  • “Even before the Horizon League, DeAndre Gholston was supposed to be at Cleveland State. He was supposed to be my wing with D’Moi Hodge.” On his past with recruiting Gholston
  • “When he (Gholston) put his name in the portal, I started to recruit him to Cleveland State, back when I had no intentions of leaving there.”
  • “Dre (Gholston) has been counted out his entire life. He’s here because of his support system, his coaches and family.”
  • “He’s (Gholston) only playing 20 minutes per game, but he’s one of the most efficient players on our team. I’m thankful that our guys believe in him and that he believes in us.”
  • “I have a high-level of emotional intelligence. I’ve been through tougher things in my childhood. 20 years from now, how will I be remembered as a leader? I hope to be guy that my players can replicate when life gets tough.” On his generally calm demeanor even during emotional situations
  • “Right now, I’m probably a mirror image of everything I’ve learned from him (Leonard Hamilton).” On where his coaching style comes from
  • “He wasn’t afraid of the moment. He played those minutes as if he’s played 30 straight games. No one has worked as hard as he has.” On Mabor Majak’s minutes against Tennessee
  • “They’re playing at home. That’s a tough and adverse environment. Across, the board they’re a really good team.” On the challenges of playing Auburn

Mabor Majak | Center | Junior

  • “Just stay positive and stay the course. Your time will come, so I’ve just kept that attitude throughout the season.” On what he told himself during the season when he wasn’t receiving a lot of playing time
  • “We do a lot of switching in our defense, so when Zakai Zeigler had the ball on the perimeter I had to pick up. When he put his head down, I realized he wasn’t going to jump that high, so I just had to put my hands up.” On what happened with his key block on Zeigler
  • “It gives me confidence, gives me confidence in him and the rest of my teammates.” On Gates putting him in the game late in the second half
  • “My growth with him while at Cleveland was tremendous. I do really believe in Gates.”
  • “Coach Gates was the first coach to fly out and watch me practice. That said a lot about how much he wanted me to come to Cleveland. It’s interesting how he recruits, because he talked to me about all of the big men he has coached before and how he wants me to follow the same trajectory.”
  • “He hasn’t changed a lot at all. He still exudes the same energy every time I see him.” On Gates’ personality since he has known him