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NCAA Wrestling: Mizzou vs Iowa State Preview & Live Blog

The Tigers are back in the Hearnes Center for their final dual meet of the season, taking on a ranked Iowa State team on Senior Night.

Dual getting started at 174lbs so that we can finish with 165lbs tonight. Big dual for the unofficial Big 12 wrestling title tonight.

174lbs: #7 Peyton Mocco Dec. #27 Julien Broderson 7-5 (MIZ 3 ISU 0)

1st Period: Broderson with an arm drag attempt but nothing. Slip from Mocco but he recovers. Mocco with a quick takedown, rides for a bit then cuts him. Another single from Mocco, who works his way over for another takedown with thirty left. He finishes the period on top up 4-1.

2nd Period: Mocco takes bottom. Broderson looking to cradle but Mocco gets out. Another single from Mocco with one of his unique finishes. Broderson gets away but Mocco has 1 minute exactly of riding time. Broderson looking for a throw by and gets it for two and finishes the period on top.

3rd Period: Mocco up 7-4 and Broderson takes bottom. Broderson gets away to make it 7-5. Mocco shoots from space and Broderson defends. Another front headlock position but it gets stalemated. Another shot from space, Broderson looking big with a cow catcher but Mocco defends and escapes. Minute left. Another shot from Mocco and Broderson defending hard with his hips. Another Mocco shot, no stalls on Broderson. Mocco defends and gets the 7-5 win.

184lbs: #4 Marcus Coleman Dec. #25 Colton Hawks 4-2 (MIZ 3 ISU 3)

1st Period: Hawks looking for his underhook and moving Coleman around. Gets to his single deep but Coleman with a good whizzer. They go out of bounds. Coleman shoots and Hawks is back to his underhook. Coleman is biting on Hawks fakes. Coleman with a single to a double, Hawks defending tough with a whizzer himself. Big stalemate for Hawks to reset. Period ends 0-0.

2nd Period: Coleman takes bottom. Coleman to his feet and gets away in 12 seconds. Lots of fakes and handfighting from Hawks. Another shot from Hawks but nothing. Coleman shoots and Hawks gets back to his underhook, Coleman defends. Nice throw by but he doesn’t get it. Hawks to a deep underhook but timie runs out before he can use it.

3rd Period: Hawks down 1-0 and takes bottom. Hawks to his feet and is there for a good twenty seconds with no stall from the ref. Hawks gets away with 1:10 left. Coleman shoots and Hawks defends. Coleman with a bodylock for two, nearly takes Hawks to his back with 45 seconds left. Hawks to his feet and still no stall call?? Coleman has riding time, a Stall on Coleman. Coleman wins 4-2.

197lbs: #4 Rocky Elam Dec. #7 Yonger Bastida (MIZ 6 ISU 3)

1st Period: Big swing match here. Lots of handfighting. Bastida with a big shot to the edge, but Rocky whizzers and they go out of bounds. Rocky picking up his footwork now. Rocky with a deep single, takes it in the air and Bastida goes to roll but Rocky comes up on top for two! 40 seconds left. Rocky looking to ride tough and flattens Bastida out and rides him out!

2nd Period: Rocky up 2-0 with 52 seconds of riding time. Rocky defers and Bastida takes bottom. Caution on Bastida. Bastida looks to roll and Rocky stays on top. Now over a minute of riding time. Crowd wanting a stall on Bastida. Rocky has a cradle locked up but Bastida flattens out. Rocky now over two minutes of riding time. Stalling on Bastida! They go out of bounds with 24 seconds left. Rocky rides him out the whole period and has almost three minutes of riding time.

3rd Period: Rocky takes bottom up 2-0. Rocky to his feet and gets away in ten seconds. Now up 3-0 with riding time locked up to make it basically 4-0. Bastida moving him around, but Rocky circling well. Bastida shoots and Rocky defends to a stalemate. 46 seconds left. Bastida shoots and misses the leg, forces a stall on Rocky. 19 seconds left after a stalemate. Rocky shoots and is in deep and time runs out. Rocky wins 4-0.

285lbs: #9 Sam Schuyler Dec. #7 Zach Elam (MIZ 6 ISU 6)

1st Period: Schuyler in on a leg and takes Zach up in the air. Zach trying to defend with a front headlock but Schuyler overpowers him for two. Quick escape for Zach. Zach with a tight front headlock. Schuyler in on another shot and finishes for two, quick escape for Zach. Zach with double unders and Schuyler backs up to get out.

2nd Period: Zach down 4-2 after the first and takes bottom. Quick escape from Zach. Schuyler with another deep shot and Zach defends this time. Zach with a front headlock but can’t use it. Time runs out with Zach down 4-3.

3rd Period: Schuyler takes bottom. Zach riding tough here. Looking for a cradle but Schuyler gets away to make it 5-3 with 1:25 left. Riding time officially not a factor with 30 seconds left. Zach looking for an over under here. He takes Schuyler out for a stall call with 16 seconds left. Schuyler running with ten seconds and Zach can’t get close for a win.

125lbs: #13 Noah Surtin FALL Ethan Perryman (MIZ 12 ISU 6)

1st Period: Iowa State sending out their true freshman here. Surtin to his underhook and takes Perryman out of bounds. Now double unders for Surtin, Perryman defends with a double and takes him out of bounds. Surtin takes a shot but can’t get it. Back to his underhooks and throws him but goes out of bounds. Perryman with a s=reshot but Sutin takes him over for two! Big return to his back for four nearfall! Gets another tilt for four more! Surtin suddenly up 10-0 with 24 seconds in the first and hypes up the crowd. Another huge mat return and he cradles him for the pin!!! The Hearnes erupts!

133lbs: #19 Zach Redding Dec. #27 Connor Brown (MIZ 12 ISU 9)

1st Period: Had some issues with internet so slight delay. After a long scramble Brown gave up two, got away after 48 seconds but Redding back in on a leg quick. Time runs out

2nd Period: Redding takes down. Redding going for sitouts but Brown follows. Redding gets an escape but Brown gets riding time down to 12 seconds. Redding in on another double and gets a takedown. Going to review for an illegal cutback on Redding. Call stands and it’s 5-2 now. Brown gets away with short time to make it 5-3.

3rd Period: Down 5-3 Brown takes bottom He catches a leg and is close to a reversal and gets it! Redding with a lot of riding time though. Now Redding close to a reversal and he gets it to make it 7-5. Brown looking to reverse again and gets a leg! Takes him for two and is looking for near fall but the ref calls potentially dangerous and a point. Redding is going to win 9-7 with riding time.

141lbs: #16 Allan Hart Dec. #32 Casey Swiderski (MIZ 15 ISU 9)

1st Period: Hart in on a leg quick and gets it in the air. Trips Swiderski for two in thirty seconds! Hart close to backs but gets legs in and Swiderski is flat. Swiderski hasn’t moved in a while but the ref calls stalemate. Over a minute of riding time already. Swiderski flat again and a stall on Swiderski. Swiderski just basing out here and Hart with a cradle! But Swiderski breaks the grip. Time runs out with Hart on top.

2nd Period: Swiderski takes neutral down 2-0. Hart has 2:33 of riding time. Swiderski in on ;a tight shot but Hart rolls him through for a stalemate. Swiderski with nice hand fighting but no attacks. 20 seconds left and Swiderski with a leg but can’t finish on the edge as time runs out.

3rd Period: Hart up 2-0 with 2:33 of riding time and takes bottom. Swiderski going optional start and Hart gets out quick. Hart with a deep reshot and takes it up again. Takes him to the middle and another trip for two! Leg right back in for Hart. Minute left and Swiderski flattened out again. Another stall on Swiderski and Hart essentially up 7-0 with riding time. Hart cuts him looking for bonus and gets in on a double but can’t finish. Hart wins 7-1 with 3:43 of riding time.

149lbs: #7 Brock Mauller FALL #10 Paniro Johnson (MIZ 21 ISU 9)

1st Period: This is going to be a tight one. Both guys handfighting tough and Brock reaches for a leg but can’t get it. Paniro in on a deep shot and Mauller almost gets a neutral danger takedown, reaches for an ankle. Johnson holding on and it gets stalemated. Johnson with another shot but Mauller sprawls. Time runs out 0-0.

2nd Period: Johnson takes bottom. Johnson explosive off the whistle but Mauller follows well and has him flat on his stomach. Johnson builds back up and to his feet and gets out after 36 seconds. Heavy snaps from Mauller and the coaches want him to shoot with it. Johnson wrestling the edge a lot here and they get stalemated. Mauller in on a double but time runs out.

3rd Period: Mauller takes bottom, and gets away quick. Nice sequence with attacks from both guys but good defense. Reshot from Mauller and nearly gets it but Johnson defends. Time runs out and we’re going to OT.

Sudden Victory: First score wins here and they start in neutral. Short break for blood. Johnson shoots off the whistle and Brock defends. ISU Challenging that it was a takedown from near standing and it’s going to be close. Very long review here and the call is no takedown. Both guys fresh now with 1:45 left. Both guys hand fighting hard early. Johnson in deep again and Mauller defends hard and nearly scores but they go out of bounds. Mauller bleeding from the forehead heavy. 1:11 left and this is a battle folks. Another Johnson shot and Mauller defends. 40 seconds left. Stall on Mauller. Mauller looking for a go behind and gets a pin!!!

157lbs: #10 Jarrett Jacques Dec. #26 Jason Kraisser (MIZ 23 ISU 9)

1st Period: Kraisser looking for a two on one and Jacques clears. Jacques in on a shot and in the waterfall position. Slowly working through the position and they’ve been scrambling for about a minute and Jacques gets through the scramble for two! Time runs out with Jacques up.

2nd Period: Jacques takes bottom up 2-0. Jacques to his feet and catches a leg! He’s working through but it gets stalemated. Kraisser throws a leg in but Jacques to his feet again. Big return for Kraisser and he goes over a minute of riding time with 48 seconds left. Time runs out as Kraisser finishes the rideout.

3rd Period: Kraisser takes bottom. Jacques up 2-0 but Kraisser has 1:45 of riding time. Jacques riding tough but Kraisser is looking for a roll. Jacques gets the riding time under a minute with 1:11 on the clock. Kraisser hits his roll but Jacques catches a leg and gives up a stall call. 48 seconds left. Jacques with a big return and Kraisser is flattened out. 15 seconds left. Jacque gets the rideout and wins 2-0 and clinches the dual for Mizzou!!

165lbs: #2 David Carr Dec. #1 Keegan O’Toole (MIZ 23-12)

1st Period: Here. We. Go. Carr trying to circle around and O’Toole stays in his stance stalking. O’Toole chasing after him. Carr with a blast double and O’Toole defends. O’Toole snaps and Carr Shoots in deep. O’Toole defending with his hips but Carr hooks a leg and is reaching for an ankle. O’Toole gets his leg back but Carr locks around the hips and gets two with 20 seconds left. O’Toole to his feet but Carr finishes the rideout with 23 seconds.

2nd Period: Carr takes bottom. Keegan with a leg in but Carr gets out quick. O’Toole catches an ankle and gets two! Carr gets away after O’Toole looks for a cradle. Ref is now reviewing something. Call is confirmed, 4-2 in favor of Carr with 1:26 left in the second. Carr with fancy feet and gets a front headlock that gets stalemated. Another blast double for Carr and O’Toole defends. He’s back in on a leg and Carr reshoots. O’Toole catches an ankle but loses it with short time to go down 6-2.

3rd Period: O’Toole takes bottom down 6-2. To his feet but Carr returns. Riding time building. O’Toole catches a leg but Carr Crowds. Riding time over a minute for Carr now. Stalemate with 1:08 left. Carr still riding tough with O’Toole on his feet. Carr down to an ankle and gives up a stall with 28 seconds left. Carr with 1:44 of riding time. O’Toole looking for his reversal but Carr knows it. And he’s gonna ride him out to win 7-2. Tough loss for O’Toole but Mizzou wins 23-12.

We have reached the final dual of the 2023 NCAA Wrestling season and the Tigers will look to face off against long-time rival Iowa State. Led by Kevin Dresser, the Cyclones are ranked inside the top ten this season and are 16-2 in dual contests and undefeated (7-0) in Big 12 meets. They have come to Missouri having won nine straight meets. Brian Smith currently holds a .500 (9-9) all-time record against Iowa State in dual meet competitions. This year’s meet is shaping up to be a thriller match-up to round out the regular season with plenty of heavy-hitting matchups. You can see more in-depth analysis in a previous article I wrote HERE.


  • When: Feb 15, 2023 (6:30 p.m. CST)
  • Where: Columbia, Missouri (Hearnes Center)
  • Watch: FloWrestling (LINK)

Moving into individual weight classes we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. We are taking a glimpse into each dual and match-up that has been had along the road and how we have fared at each one. Looking along these duals, I’ll try to highlight which stood out most and which were potential season-altering battles as well as common ranked opponents throughout the current season. (Matches subject to change)


Mizzou: #12 Noah Surtin (So.)

Iowa State: NR* Caleb Fuessley (So.)

The 125-weight class presents us with two uncommon wrestlers, as does most of the meet. Noah Surtin has come on strong to round out his season by collecting four victories over his last five contests. His opponent, Caleb Fuessley will be toeing the line across from Surtin as the original starter, Kysen Terukina, is out for the season with a shoulder injury suffered in the early season. Fuessley, a fourth-year wrestler with the Cyclones, steps in with an 8-11 record (3-4 Big 12) and will be facing a Mizzou wrestler for the first time since the 2020 season.

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • No Common Ranked Opponents


Mizzou: HM* Connor Brown (Jr.)

Iowa State: #24 Zach Redding (So.) or NR* Ramazan Attasauov (So.)

With the exception of taking on top wrestler Daton Fix, Mizzou’s Connor Brown has won four of his last five with only one coming by less than a major decision. Brown has taken one conference loss on the season and can continue to grow on that with another winnable match ahead of him. Looking to knock him off is Zach Redding for the red and yellow. Redding, the starter of the last six meets, is a 12-9 (4-4 Big 12) wrestler and 1x NCAA qualifier. Attasauov, is a returning starter and 1x NCAA qualifier from the previous season. He carries an 11-5 (4-0 Big 12) record on the season.

Prior Match-Up:

  • Attasauov over Brown, 9-7 Dec (2022 Dual)
  • Attasauov over Brown, 6-5 Dec (2020 UNI Open)

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #1 Daton Fix (OKST): Brown (L, 14-3 Major Dec) - Redding (L, 8-3 Dec)
  • #4 Michael McGee (ASU): Brown (L, 5-4 Dec) - Attasauovo (L, 9-3 Dec)
  • #10 Lucas Byrd (ILL): Brown (L, 7-3 Dec) - Redding (L, 13-3 Major Dec)
  • #16 Aaron Nagao (Minn): Brown (L, 6-3 Dec) - Redding (L, 6-1 Dec)
  • #23 Kurt Phipps (Bucknell): Brown (L, INJ Def) - Redding (W, 6-2 Dec) - Attasauov (L, 7-4 Dec)
  • HM* Wyatt Henson (OU): Brown (W, 7-4 Dec) - Redding (W, Fall)


Mizzou: #16 Allan Hart (Sr.)

Iowa State: HM* Casey Swiderski (Fr.)

Allan Hart will be looking for a big rebound match-up and a get-right contest against the #2 recruit in the nation from the 2022 class, Casey Swiderski. The 141 Cyclone wrestler has seen losses to all ranked wrestlers this season with the exception of the most recent contest against Illinois where he knocked off HM* Danny Pucino by a 10-7 decision. Swiderski carries a 9-7 (3-4 Big 12) record and has lost four of his last five bouts.

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #7 Mosha Schwartz (OU): Hart (L, 6-1 Dec) - Swiderski (L, 3-0 Dec)
  • #14 Carter Young (OKST): (L, 4-2 Dec) - Swiderski (L, 3-0 Dec)
  • #15 Jesse Vasquez (ASU): Hart (L, 3-2 Dec) - Swiderski (L, 8-6 Dec, SV-1)
  • HM* Jordan Titus (WVU): Hart (W, 11-2 Maj Dec) - Swiderski (L, 11-3 Major Dec)


Mizzou: #6 Brock Mauller (RsJr.)

Iowa State: #9 Paniro Johnson (Fr.)

Now the winner of nine straight, Brock Mauller will be challenged with what may be his most difficult match up to this point. Paniro Johnson has worked his way into the upper ranks this season by knocking off multiple big-name wrestlers across the nation including #2 Austin Gomez (WISC) and #10 Max Murin (Iowa). Losing aside, Johnson also took top-ranked and #4 PFP wrestler Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) into a sudden victory. Johnson currently holds on to a 14-3 (6-1 Big 12) record this year.

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #5 Kyle Parco (ASU): Mauller (L, 3-2 Dec) - Johnson (L, 7-5 Dec, SV-1)
  • #20 Sam Hillegas (WVU): Mauller (W, 10-2 Major Dec) - Johnson (W, 14-4 Major Dec)
  • HM* Victor Voinovich (OKST): Mauller (W, 3-2 Dec) - Johnson (W, 3-1 Dec)


Mizzou: #14 Jarrett Jacques (Sr.)

Iowa State: HM* Jason Kraisser (Jr.)

Another wrestler looking to bounce back after falling in a tough contest against Oklahoma State is Mizzou’s Jarret Jacques. Standing in line for his get-right bout is Jason Kraisser. Kraisser is in his second year with the Cyclones after transferring out of Campbell University prior to the 2022 season. This season, he currently holds a 17-10 (7-3 Big 12) record.

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #7 Kendall Coleman (Purdue): Jacques (L, 3-1 Dec, SV-1) - Kraisser (L, 5-2 Dec)
  • #13 Kaden Gfeller (OKST): Jacques (L, 4-3 Dec) - Kraisser (L, 3-1 Dec)
  • #19 Jacob Wright (Wyoming): Jacques (W, 10-8 Dec) - Kraisser (L, 6-4 Dec)


Mizzou: #1 Keegan O’Toole (So.)

Iowa State: #2 David Carr (Jr.)

It’s finally here, the most anticipated bout of the season for many wrestling fans. Two undefeated wrestlers with four combined All-American medals, two individual National titles, and sixteen total bonus wins this season. #1 Keegan O’Toole verse #2 David Carr will be one to give us all the fireworks so buckle up for 165, it’s going to be electric!

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #12 Peyton Hall (WVU): O’Toole (W, 3-0 Dec) - Carr (W, 8-2 Dec)
  • #14 Gerrit Nijenhuis (OU): O’Toole (W, Fall) - Carr (W, 18-6 Major Dec)
  • #19 Wyatt Sheets (OKST): O’Toole (W, 14-4 Major Dec) - Carr (W, 5-3 Dec)
  • HM* Cole Moody (Wyoming): O’Toole (W, Fall) - Carr (W, Fall)


Mizzou: #6 Peyton Mocco (Jr.)

Iowa State: NR* Julien Broderson (So.)

Peyton Mocco has collected victories by no less than a major decision in four of his last five matches while collecting twenty takedowns, only giving up one in return. The momentum should keep rolling into this final Big 12 clash against Iowa States Julien Broderson in the regular season. Broderson carries a 13-9 (7-3 Big 12) record this season and steps in having lost four of his last five matches.

Prior Match-Up:

  • Mocco over Broderson, Fall (2021 Dual)

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #9 Dustin Plott (OKST): Mocco (W, 4-3 Dec, L 12-7 Dec) - Broderson (L, 13-7 Dec)
  • #8 Edmond Ruth (ILL): Mocco (L, 7-5 Dec) - Broderson (L, 3-2 Dec)
  • #21 Tate Picklo (OU): Mocco (W, 11-3 Major Dec) - Broderson (L, 3-2 Dec)
  • HM* Gavin Sax (NDSU): Mocco (W, Fall, W 7-4 Dec) - Broderson (W, 3-0 Dec)


Mizzou: HM* Colton Hawks (So.)

Iowa State: #4 Marcus Coleman (Sr.)

Coming on strong as of late, Colton Hawks has seemed to solidify his spot in the starting lineup at 184 for the Tigers. In his next bout, he will take another crack at knocking off a top-ranked wrestler within his weight class. For the Cyclones, Marcus Coleman steps inside the circle as a 3x NCAA qualifier and 1x All-American taking home a 7th place medal in the previous season. He holds a 16-2 record this season while owning just one loss (6-1) in Big 12 action. His two losses come from an 8-4 decision to #6 Trey Munoz (ORST) and most recently, Keckeisen of UNI

Prior Match-Up:

  • No Previous History

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #2 Parker Keckeisen (UNI): Hawks (L, 7-2 Dec) - Coleman (L, 7-5 Dec)


Mizzou: #4 Rocky Elam (So.)

Iowa State: #8 Yonger Bastida (So.)

More fireworks? Say less! The 197-weight class is another electric match-up in the anticipated dual. Both wrestlers have seen plenty of one another over the past year and the series currently sets at .500. Bastida is a return NCAA All-American placing 5th in the previous season. He currently holds a 14-3 record and remains undefeated in Big 12 matches (6-0). His three losses this season come by a decision from the #1 Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt), and #2 Max Dean (PSU), and was recently upset by #11 Zac Braunagel (ILL).

Prior Match-Up:

  • Rocky over Bastida, 1-0 Decision (2022 NCAA Championships)
  • Bastida over Rocky, 4-3 Decision (2022 Big 12 Championships)
  • Bastida over Rocky, 8-6 Decision SV-1 (2022 Dual)
  • Rocky over Bastida, 5-4 Decision (2021 Dual)

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #21 Luke Surber (OKST): Rocky (L, 5-4 Dec) - Bastida (W, 7-2 Dec)


Mizzou: #7 Zach Elam (Jr.)

Iowa State: #8 Sam Schuyler (Sr.)

Rounding out our final Big 12 battle of the season, the big guys take to the mat in what could be the ultimate factor in who takes home the “W”! Elam currently holds the crown in this series, taking all three of the prior contests but Schuyer has been a force this season for the Cyclones. A 2x NCAA qualifier, Schuyler holds a 14-2 (7-0 Big 12) record with decision losses to #3 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) and #5 Cohlton Schultz (ASU).

Prior Match-Up:

  • Elam over Schuyler, 6-1 Decision (2022 Big 12 Championships)
  • Elam over Schuyler, 2-0 Decision (2022 Dual)
  • Elam over Schuyler, Fall (2021 MAC Championships)

Common Ranked Opponents:

  • #5 Cohlton Schultz (ASU): Elam (L, 12-4 Major Dec) - Schuyler (L, 3-2 Dec)
  • #14 Michael Wolfgram (WVU): Elam (W, 6-3 Dec) - Schuyler (W, 4-2 Dec)
  • #15 Josh Heindselman (OU): Elam (W, 2-0 Dec) - Schuyler (W, 2-0 Dec)
  • #16 Tyrell Gordon (UNI): Elam (W, 3-1 Dec, SV-1) - Schuyler (W, 4-1 Dec)

What is the last dual meet of the season for the Mizzou Wrestling team should be one for the books! The Tigers will have a chance to knock off a top-five team in the nation and make a final statement moving into the lose-or-go-home part of the year. A contest that will be full of emotion and heavy-hitting matches, Brian Smith will look to send his seniors home with an ever-lasting final memory of stepping foot on the mat inside Hearnes Center!