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NCAA Wrestling: Mizzou vs. Iowa State Recap

The Tigers welcomed the Iowa State Cyclone to the Hearnes Center for the final Big 12 Dual of the season. With plenty of hype around this contest, let's see how the night shook out!

Jarrett Jacques
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

Time to catch up on the final Tiger Style dual of the season! On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, the Mizzou wrestling team welcomed in a top-five ranked Iowa State Cyclone team for its final Big 12 contest of the year. In an event full of big-time matches with huge post-season implications, the Tigers pulled off the upset winning six of the ten bouts on the night. In a previous article (LINK), I reviewed potential matchups for the contest. So let’s recap this electric matchup!

(All rankings via FloWrestling)

Mizzou: 3 - Iowa State: 0

174lbs: #6 Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs NR* Julien Broderson (ISU)

We opened up the night at the 174-weight class with Peyton Mocco for the Tigers. After circling the mat for the first half of the period, Mocco lands a quick duck single followed by a quick cut and another quick takedown giving him a 4-1 lead one period into the bout. Starting the second on bottom, Mocco is quick to his feet with an escape, followed by his third takedown of the contest (7-1). Allowing another escape to Broderson, Mocco found himself giving up his first takedown of the match which sent us into the third period at 7-4. Broderson collects a quick escape into the early third period leaving both wrestlers on their feet hitting the 90 second mark. Dancing to-to-toe, Mocco finished out the match taking a victory by 7-5 decision!

Mizzou: 3 - Iowa State: 3

184lbs: HM* Colton Hawks (MIZ) vs #4 Marcus Coleman (ISU)

Stepping up next was Colton Hawks for the Tiger Squad. The first period opened with Hawks pushing the tempo early failing to land his first shot attempt a minute into the bout. Holding off Coleman with a strong whizzer, Hawks took to the second period at 0-0. Starting on top, Hawks allowed a quick escape to Coleman to send both wrestlers back to their feet where we spent the remainder of the period. Coleman leading the match 1-0, Hawks began the final period on bottom. 45 seconds into the third, Hawks lands an escape of his own sending us to a 1-1 tie. Shortly proceeding, Hawks gave up the first takedown of the bout leaving him trailing by 2 where the contest came to an end with Hawks losing by way of a 3-2 decision.

Mizzou: 6 - Iowa State: 3

197lbs: #5 Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs #3 Yonger Bastida (ISU)

In an overlooked bout of the night, Rocky vs. Bastida gave us the third match of the night. A little over a minute into the bout, Rocky held off a deep shot by Bastida before falling out of bounds putting us back to our feet in the center. With one minute left in the first, Rocky hit a mean ankle pick giving him the first points and a 2-0 lead. After riding out the remainder of the period, we moved to the second with Rocky holding 53 seconds of riding time. Rocky opened the second riding hard on top, keeping solid control of the bout. Hitting the under one minute mark, Rocky hit the over two minute riding time mark and showed complete dominance of the match. Selecting bottom, Rocky was quick to his feet collecting an escape putting him up 3-0 and locking up riding time. Staying on their feet, we watch Rocky continue to control the match giving him a final victory 4-0 decision.

Mizzou: 6 - Iowa State: 6

285lbs: #7 Zach Elam (MIZ) vs #8 Sam Schuyler (ISU)

At match number 4, we get the heavies! Zach Elam opened the first period giving up a quick takedown to Schuyler then followed it up with an escape of his own setting us at 2-1 early. Halfway through the period, Elam gave up his second takedown and once again followed it with another escape (4-2) where we ended the opening period. Into the second, Elam opened with a quick escape (4-3) putting both wrestlers on their feet where they finished out the period. Down by one, Elam started the period on top allowing an escape 30 seconds into the final period (5-3). Failing to land a shot to end the bout, Elam falls by 5-3 decision.

Mizzou: 12 - Iowa State: 6

125lbs; #12 Noah Surtin (MIZ) vs. NR* Caleb Fuessley (ISU)

Our final match before intermission, Noah Surtin looked to get the Tigers back on track. The first period opened up with a flurry of quick action before both wrestlers settled in a minute into the bout. Hitting the under minute mark, Surtin went off scoring 10 straight points on a takedown and two four point near falls! In the final seconds of the match, Surtin locked up a cradle and ended the match with a huge win by fall sending the Tigers up by 6 team points! (Should receive bonus points for the celebration)

Mizzou: 12 - Iowa State: 9

133lbs: HM* Connor Brown (MIZ) vs. #24 Zach Redding (ISU)

Returning from intermission, Connor Brown opened up the first period looking to keep the momentum train rolling. In the portion of the bout Brown and Redding worked into a wild scramble before Redding wound up with the first points (2-0). Bending out from bottom position, Brown found a way to collect an escape before rounding out the first period (2-1). Open period two on top, Brown found himself to high, allowing Redding to get an escape (3-1) followed by an immediate takedown (5-1). At the 25 second mark in the second, Brown received a penalty point setting the score at (5-2). Before the buzzer, Brown found a one point escape sending him down by 2 entering the final period (5-3). Starting the third, Brown worked from the bottom position scoring a reversal with one minute left in the match (5-5) then followed by giving up a reversal to Redding (7-5). With riding time locked for Redding, Brown hit another quick reversal but it wasn’t enough to get him to a victory causing him to fall by 8-7 decision.

Mizzou: 15 - Iowa State: 9

141lbs: #15 Allan Hart (MIZ) vs HM* Casey Swiderski (ISU)

Another big swing bout on the night, Allan Hart looked to push the Tiger ahead in the team point category. Opening the first, Hart hit a quick takedown and began to go to work on top (2-0). After riding for over two and a half minutes, Hart went into the second with a two point lead. The second period opened with both wrestlers on their feet. After multiple failed shot attempts, Hart held on moving into the third still up by two. With a quick escape opening the third, Hart took a 3-0 lead and immediately collected another takedown (5-0). Collecting a stall point and riding time, Hart raked in another win on the season by 7-1 decision.

Mizzou: 20 - Iowa State: 9

(Mauller -1 team point for unsportsmanlike)

149lbs: #6 Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. #9 Paniro Johnson (ISU)

Another overlooked match on the night at 149, Brock Mauller looked to make a statement opening the eighth match of the night. After three minutes of push and pull, we headed to the second period still knotted up at 0-0. Mauller on top opening the second, Johnson collected the first points of the match on a one point escape (1-0) which is where the period ended. Down by one into the final period, Mauller opened with a quick escape squaring it up at one all (1-1). With the final period coming to a close, we moved into a sudden victory with the score setting at 1-1. Immediately into overtime, Johnson hit a sudden shot causing a scramble and a tossed challenge brick by Iowa State which left the call on the mat to stand as no takedown. Resuming action back on their feet, Mauller and Johnson went right after each other sending the crowd into a frenzy after a crazy scramble before going out of bounds. After restarting Mauller and Johnson went right back at it again where the Mizzou faithful saw Mauller lock up a mean whizzer flipping Johnson to his back to lock up a massive win by fall!

Mizzou: 23 - Iowa State: 9

157lbs: #14 Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) vs HM* Jason Kraisser (ISU)

Suiting up for his final contest at the Hearnes, Jacques aimed to keep the momentum train rolling! After pushing the match for the first period, Jacques locked up the first points with a takedown before closing out the opening period (2-0). Starting on bottom in the second, Jarrett allowed Kraisser to ride him out for the entirety of the period before moving into the final two minutes of the match. Starting the third period on top, Jacques needed to negate Kraisser’s riding time and did so successfully. Riding out strong, Jacques handled his business taking home a victory by way of 2-0 decision!

Mizzou: 23 - Iowa State: 12

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs #2 David Carr (ISU)

The main event of the night! Two well-respected wrestlers squaring off! Opening the match with the crowd on their feet, O’Toole controlled the center of the mat. With twenty seconds remaining in the first, Carr capitalized on takedown giving him the 2-0 lead heading into the second. Starting on top, O’Toole allowed a quick escape to Carr followed by an immediate takedown by himself then another escape by Carr (4-2). A quick official review and back to action on our feet, both wrestlers continued to go after each other allowing Carr to scramble into another two point takedown sending the score at 6-2 moving into the final period. Starting on bottom, O’Toole needed to find points in a hurry. Riding strong for the remainder of the bout, Carr held on strong giving O’Toole his first loss since his freshman season with the Tigers. Carr over O’Toole by a 7-2 decision

An exciting night to round out the season for the Tigers with many positives and opportunities to build on. Next up on the menu will be the Big 12 Championships which will be held in Tulsa Oklahoma on March 4-5. Until then, Look for more wrestling content on Rock M Nation as we prepare for postseason wrestling!