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Sailor tigers and script logos: The top 5 uniforms of the 2022 season

Missouri mixed it up with their uniforms this season, changing logos and color schemes throughout.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV. 25 Arkansas at Missouri

After transitioning to a more traditional look in 2021, Missouri opted to change things up with their football uniforms in 2022. Fans were on the edge of their seats for the weekly uniform reveal, as we saw script lettering, white jerseys at home and multiple tiger logos grace the field for Mizzou.

Overall, the experimenting was met with mostly positive feedback. Players and fans alike were in support of the new decals and color schemes, and the uniform sets did not stray too far from the traditional look, although some would have liked to see more traditional helmets.

Here’s my ranking of the best uniforms from this past season, along with how successful Mizzou was with each of them.

Note: Obviously, Mizzou went more modern than traditional this season. While I am a bigger fan of the more modern looks, I do wish they brought in more of the “Block M” logo. So, this is my disclaimer that I do have respect for the classics and would love to see a true throwback at least once a season.

Vanderbilt v Missouri Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

No. 5: Vs. Vanderbilt (Oct. 22)

Set-Up: Black helmet w/ stripe, Sailor Tiger logo, 2022 gold jersey, 2021 black pants

Record: 1-0

I’m just a sucker for a couple parts of this uniform. First off, the Sailor Tiger is a great logo to pull out once or twice a season, and I would say it works best with gold jerseys.

The major aspect of this set that pulls me in is the colored facemask. The major thing I look for in uniforms is if the color scheme stays consistent and present at all levels of the uniform. That is certainly accomplished here, as every single part of this uniform incorporates gold, black and white. The gold facemask adds some pop to the helmet and complements the gold jersey well.

I plead to all college football teams to color coordinate their facemasks like this for every game. Most do, but I’m looking at Illinois (among others) as a primary culprit with their white facemasks that stand out like a sore thumb against their orange and blue uniforms.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV. 19 New Mexico St. at Missouri

No. 4: Vs. New Mexico State (Nov. 19)

Set-Up: White helmet w/ gold and black stripe, Gold Tiger script logo, 2022 gold jersey, 2021 white pants

Record: 1-0

It’s hard to go wrong with light colors and white, and Mizzou nailed it with these. The gold script lettering looks clean on the white helmet, and the choice to go with a black facemask over gold was the right one (although I would be intrigued to see a white facemask on this).

This is another example of a uniform that stays consistent throughout, as you can see every color present at every level of the set. My only gripe would be to include more gold on the cleats.

Syndication: Gator Sports Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

No. 3: @ Florida (Oct. 8)

Set-Up: Gold helmet w/ black and white stripe, White Tiger script logo, 2022 white jersey, 2021 gold pants

Record: 1-1 (also seen against Abilene Christian)

The program thought this uniform looked so good that they decided to bring it out twice, making it one of only two uniforms that appeared on the field more than once in 2022 (all-black against LT and UGA being the other).

Again, hard to go wrong with gold and white. This is essentially a reverse of the uniform at No. 4, but this one is ranked above it because I just think the helmet works better with these colors, especially in the sun. The gold helmet and pants pop on the field, and the white script is really sleek on the helmet.

Only potential change I’d like to see would be a white facemask. Black is solid here, but white would really hammer home the frosty look.


No. 2: @ South Carolina (Oct. 29)

Set-Up: White helmet w/ gold and black stripe, Black Tiger script logo, 2022 white jersey, 2021 white pants

Record: 1-0

Missouri picked up their best win of the season (by final opposing record) in a clean all-white setup. It was the first all-white uniform they had worn since Week 2 of the 2021 season against Kentucky, and it was a triumphant return.

This was the lone appearance of the black Tiger script, and while it was not my favorite colorway of it, the black still got the job done. The uniform stays consistent with white being the primary color and gold/black accenting it all the way down, making for a very professional look.

You could certainly toy around with the facemask and script coloring here to make them gold, black or white. No matter what color you go with there, I think this uniform would look great regardless.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No. 1: Vs. Arkansas (Nov. 25)

Set-Up: Black helmet w gold and white stripe, Gold Tiger script logo, 2021 black jersey, 2021 black pants

Record: 1-0

And so the Tiger script takes the top four spots on the list. Personally, I thought it looked the best on this black helmet, especially with the gold facemask. This was the only example of the script helmets that had the color of the decal match the facemask, and I thought that was something they should have done in all of the other sets.

Outside of that, the all-black look has been Missouri’s signature look in this “modern” era, and under the lights it looks that much better. If there is any version of the script helmet that I hope returns next season, it is this one.