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A new era for Rock M Nation media.

Out with old. In with the new, this is the new Rock M Radio!

We have an announcement to make!

In the fall of 2014 we started a podcast and called it Rock M Radio. It was a general Mizzou Sports podcast, I remember in the early days we even went over the scores for every non-revenue sport that occurred in the prior week. But as people left the site, and the management changed from Bill Connelly to myself, we made changes.

A few years ago SB Nation moved our podcast to their central hub where we were able to generate a little money off ads. It wasn’t much but it took the burden of hosting out of our hands and meant all we had to do was record the podcasts. The name changed to Rock M Nation Podcasts, and we were off and running. Before the Box Score and Dive Cuts continued to be fixtures. But last month SB Nation decided to cancel their contracts with any site still podcasting with them. They gave us enough of a heads up to figure out our plans which was nice because this gives us a big opportunity to reset.

We’ve been able to completely rethink how we provided our podcast and coverage, and while more exciting things are coming, this is a good first introduction to a sort of Phase One in the rethinking of the future of Rock M Nation.

So that leads me to our new venture.


What this Channel will be, is just an extension of our regular coverage of Mizzou Athletics. Video, and specifically YouTube, gives us tools we haven’t utilized before. We’ll have Live Streams, starting with our first Post Selection Show Sunday Live Stream this weekend. Where Matt Harris and I will talk about the bracket, Mizzou’s seed, and matchups. You’ll be able to follow along and ask questions live and interact as we record.

We’re also moving our podcasts to this platform, maybe not all of it right away but eventually. Many of those won’t be live, but some of them will.

We’re very excited about this, and hope you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Nothing about the Rock M Nation podcasts feed will change other than the name going back to Rock M Radio. If you’re subscribed now, you’ll still get all the same content you’ve come to expect from us at Rock M Nation.

I feel very privileged to have this responsibility. Rock M Nation was started by Bill Connelly and Seth Rosner a long time ago now. What they started and built was something special, and we’re doing our best to maintain and build upon that reputation.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below, or hit me on twitter @SamTSnelling and I’ll be happy to help with any issues or concerns.

Thanks for listening everyone, we can’t wait to get started. And M-I-Z!