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Check out Breaking T’s line of Mizzou x March Madness apparel

No one needs a reason to splurge on Mizzou apparel. But March Madness gives you the perfect opportunity!

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A few weeks ago, I had a revelation: I have less Mizzou gear than any other one of my sports teams.

Maybe this is because my Tiger-saturated wardrobe faded in the years following graduation. After all, you can only wear free shirts so many times before their quality starts to show. But I also feel like part of the reason is the plethora of options on the market. When you’re inundated with official merch, bootleg merch, fansite merch, and so on and so on, you know you’re always going to have options to choose from. So you hold out for the perfect opportunity to come along to justify your retail therapy.

My friends, what better opportunity is there to splurge on some merch than a trip to the NCAA Tournament? Especially one that could extend beyond weekend one?

If you, like me, are in the market for some new Tiger gear, may I humbly offer this officially licensed run of tees from our friends at Breaking T?

Sick tee, bro, know where I can snag one of those?

Breaking T has a small line of tees perfect for showing off your inner True Son, including some March Madness specific gear to support the Tigers in their run to the Final Four (because that’s what we’re all expecting at this point, right?)

Use this link to visit their online store: Breaking T’s Fantastic Mizzou Tees

Now I know what you’re thinking... is this an E-commerce post? Dear reader, you are absolutely correct! And yes, we’ll get a small cut of sales. But as Sam Snelling once said, it’s what keeps your membership dues so low. So why not be a pal and check it out? Maybe snag yourself a shirt or two, or one for your Tiger-in-training?