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Missouri Football Pro Day Notebook

Seven Tigers took the field at the Devine Indoor Practice Facility to go through drills in front of NFL scouts.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Barrett Banister, Kibet Chepyator, DJ Coleman, Jake Hoffman, Sean Koetting, Martez Manuel and Isaiah McGuire took the field at the Devine Indoor Practice Facility and MATC on Friday to work out in front of a host of NFL scouts.

Drill Work

  • The Giants, Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers, Raiders, Steelers, 49ers, Colts, Commanders, Seahawks, Ravens, Lions, Dolphins, Cardinals, Rams and Jets were confirmed as present at the Pro Day. Roughly 26 teams were reported to be in attendance.
  • Martez Manuel did some great work in the initial periods, putting up some impressive numbers in jumps. He did pull up with what he said to be quad injury during his 40-yard dash, but Manuel completed all of the remaining positional drills. He initially ran a ~4.52 according to one scout.
  • Extremely unofficial 40-yard dash times: Barrett Banister (4.8-5.0 range), DJ Coleman (4.5-4.6 range), Jake Hoffman (4.9-5.0 range), Kibet Chepyator (4.7-4.9 range).
  • Isaiah McGuire did not run the 40-yard dash, as he was happy with his 4.76 time from the NFL Combine. He did participate in all other drills.
  • Darius Robinson was in attendance and received plenty of attention from a host of NFL scouts.
  • Jake Garcia was the chosen quarterback to throw the ball to Banister and Chepyator during drills. Overall, he was very accurate and put on a show for the scouts in attendance.
  • DJ Coleman put together a monster performance in the bench press.

What the prospects are saying

  • DJ Coleman: “It felt really good to be back with my boy Isaiah. We’ve been on a similar path but with different journeys. Everything has been good, it felt good.” On being out there on a pro day stage
  • Barrett Banister: “It’s a credit to the staff here that trained me. I thought they did a really good job preparing me and putting me in a place to be successful. I’m just proud of everyone that was involved because it was a team effort since the season ended.” On how he thought he performed today
  • “I think the biggest things for me is that I'm able to cut really well. My 5-10-5, my L Drill; I think those are important parts of my game and why I'm able to be successful. Once we got into the routes portion, steady hands and consistency.” On what he wanted to show to NFL scouts today
  • “Jake [Garcia] throws a really pretty ball, whenever he first got here I was still figuring out who would throw to me at the pro day. Obviously Brady had surgery, so Jake has been a tremendous help to me and I'm very appreciative of him.” On how it felt catching balls from Jake Garcia
  • “I was just ready for this day to be over with. You have to wait like two months for this to come instead of just waiting on a Saturday, so I've slept horribly the past week. Now, I just want to go eat a burger and I want to go to sleep.” On the emotions of being done with pro day
  • Martez Manuel: “I was having a great day, did everything right all week with taking care of my body. And then, the last 10 meters of my 40 I just felt a pop in my left quad. I fought through adversity though, I could have just sat down and called it a day.” On suffering the injury during the 40-yard dash
  • “They were saying that, in their book, I cross every box that they wanted to see. One of the coaches over there said ‘don’t forget about us,’ and I told him ‘well, don’t forget about me either.’” On feedback from scouts after the drills
  • Isaiah McGuire: “Just being fluid with my hips and my movement. I feel like a did a pretty good job.” On what he wanted to show NFL scouts today
  • “I'll be back at home with my family in Tulsa, just savoring the moment.” On his draft day plans
  • “Coach Russell told us before this that we’re going to be the last group to do a pro day here [Devine Pavilion] before the new facility is opened. It’s not only closing a chapter in my life, but also in the program’s life.”
  • “It was just an honor to wear the Tiger on the side of my head for four years and to go out there with my brothers and compete and just have fun.” On the emotions of closing the book on his college career