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Mizzou Defensive End Arden Walker enters the Transfer Portal

The redshirt sophomore will have three years of eligibility

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 17 Abilene Christian at Missouri

Redshirt sophomore defensive end Arden Walker has entered the transfer portal.

The Denver, CO native from Cherry Creek high school was the Drinkwitz staff’s first recruiting win in Colorado, a territory Drink specifically targeted out as a new branch of recruiting focus when he was first brought in to Columbia. However, there haven’t been any other such recruiting wins from the state since then and, now, the lone Colorado representative is in the portal.

Arden Walker was viewed - with Johnny Walker, Jr. - as the “next wave” of Missouri edge rushers who would be buoyed by transfers Joe Moore and Austin Firestone and eventually thrive. However, Arden is now looking for a place where he might see some more snaps...possibly a state school from his home turf that chased off all of its defensive linemen, perhaps?

Regardless, best of luck to Arden!