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Who will be the next Mizzou Tiger in the NFL Draft?

Mizzou Links for May 2, 2023.

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Who has time for mock drafts these days?

The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone, and Isaiah McGuire was the only Tiger to hear his name called. Martez Manuel and DJ Coleman are getting shots of their own on UDFA contracts, but McGuire’s selection by the Browns guaranteed that for the 19th consecutive year a new Mizzou Tiger would find their way to the League via the draft.

Of course, because the NFL Draft is a media enterprise all on its own, it’s already time to start looking ahead to next season. I’m not going to google mocks for next season, but I can already guarantee north of 75 percent of NFL publications have a 2024 mock published. What I’m more interested in is who could be next in line for the Tigers. The Post-Dispatch is also interested, with Dave Matter publishing his list of the guys who are next in line.

There are some obvious names on there — Darius Robinson, Javon Foster — and some that are maybe a little more surprising — Thiccer in the NFL?? — but only one made both Dave Matter’s list and 247’s published list of the Top 32 players in college football in 2023.

No. 23: Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Mizzou

Who? I get it, but Abrams-Draine is without question a legitimate NFL guy and sources at the next level are already intrigued in him. A former wide receiver recruit who busted on the scene after a switch to the secondary, Abrams-Draine showed complete coverage ability against some of the top receivers in the nation in the SEC last year. He’ll be an early-round pick in 2024.

It would seem that KAD is high on evaluator’s lists for 2024. Another big season in the secondary could cement his case to be the first Tiger since Charles Harris in 2017 to go in the first round.

What say you? Who’s getting drafted next season? And why is Harrison Mevis a lock for that top spot?

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