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The Importance of Voting (There’s still time!)

Mizzou Links & Reminder to Vote for Friday, June 30

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You know this. I know this. We all know this. It can mean the difference between [insert really spidery things] and [insert other really spidery things] happening. Especially nowadays. [insert long dramatic sigh]

A very School House Rock-esque voting gif
What you can shout after you do your Rock M commenter duty

Or, in this case, it means the difference in one Mizzou athlete or team winning a fictitious yet EXTREMELY prestigious award over another. And an opportunity for one Rock M staffer to hold bragging rights for being the nominator of said star athlete/team over another. Very serious stuff happening at your favorite sports blog.

So since we are college sports-less for a while and there’s not a lot of news — I KNOW... Mizzou got a Hoops commitment Thursday, but I’m leaving that for the experts— and because there seemed to be some confusion in why we weren’t double-dipping, or why someone wasn’t included in a particular award, etc. Don’t you worry, I’m here to clear that up!

First things first, here’s a distribution chart of the number of awards each team was nominated for. This includes Monday, July 3rd’s category, which is yet to be named. As I mentioned in the intro of each awards post (linked below), it was important to me when taking on this project that we try to diversify our nominations, not making it all about the money-earners, as very worthy performances occurred in so many of our beloved Mizzou sports this season. In fact, so many performances were worthy of inclusion that we had to leave some out. I know. I’m sorry. I simply couldn’t write them all myself and I wasn’t trying to put a bunch of extra work on people at the end of the semester, especially when some of the staff is volunteers. This meant leaving out disc golf and cheer nattys, as well as All-American track performances by deserving women like Euphenie, Skylar, Sophia and Claudina. We tried, y’all.

Now, back to the graph. I don’t know about you guys, but I think we did pretty damn good.

Since it’s still Pride month...
Karen Steger Designs

You might notice that football is widely represented here, but you haven’t seen many opportunities to vote for them... well, you just wait til Monday. Muwahaahahhaa (slightly evil laugh).

And because there was some aforementioned confusion, here’s another chart showing who was nominated for what so you know where to find your favorite athletes/teams. Nominations for a whole team performance are listed as Other (Team).

Can’t wait for that mystery category!

And finally, in case you need it, here’s the links to all the posts again:

Anyway, you have just a couple more days to cast your ballots — TIL JULY 4 AT 7PM CST — for our inaugural Rock M’my Awards. Think of the glory the winner will get from receiving such a critically acclaimed award as a result of you casting a ballot.

You know what to do!

On to the Links!

Be safe out there, friends. It’s hot and people are wildin’ out these days.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Watkins shares his thoughts:
  • PowerMizzou: Updated scholarship chart (Gabe DeArmond)
  • Loving that Mizzou WBB seems to be making a more concerted effort to share what they’re doing and showcase all the newbies.
  • The Lakers’ 2nd slide is our guy, D’Moi, getting ready for summer league, which starts in the next few weeks.


  • PowerMizzou: Five-star WR Ryan Wingo talks recruiting after Mizzou visit (Gabe DeArmond)
  • While other facilities on campus actually NEED major upgrades, here’s some pics of new football facilities. Yay. Now about that baseball turf... or a usable track... or a visitor softball locker room... or an actual functioning tennis facility. I digress. Yay, football?
  • We see you, DC.


  • Welcome, new coaches! I have to admit, I did a double take with the name Jabari Brown. Downtown Bari Brown is back?!? I loved Bari & JC time!

Brown will join the Tigers after working with one of the league’s—and the nation’s—top programs for the past two years. Brown was named the first recipient of Vanderbilt’s Maggie Corbin Minority Baseball Apprenticeship and spent the 2022 and 2023 seasons gaining knowledge in skill and leadership development, practice organization, video analysis, scouting, analytics and program building.

“We are very fortunate to have Jabari as a member of our staff, as he is a rising start in our industry,” Jackson said. “His entire career has been spent around outstanding baseball minds, as well as amazing mentors. His attention to detail, quiet confidence and development-based mindset will be truly beneficial to everyone in the Tiger family.”

As a member of the Commodores’ staff (2022-23), Brown was a part of Vanderbilt’s 2023 SEC Tournament championship club that garnered the No. 6 national seed in this year’s NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. In two seasons, he helped VU rack up 81 victories, including a 39-win season and another NCAA Regional berth in 2021.

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