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Kerrick Jackson wins the press conference, calls Mizzou a “dream job”

Mizzou Links for June 6, 2023.

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Kerrick Jackson hits a home run in the presser hahahahahahahahahahaha get it?

If you’ve read Rock M Nation before, you know we don’t put much long-term stock into hiring pressers. It’s almost impossible to come out of them looking bad, and you rarely learn much of use about how the new coach will lead or execute.

But even we can’t deny when tears are involved.

Kerrick Jackson was effusive in his excitement and praise for Mizzou Baseball, his confidence and passion clear. He won at least one important person over in the process.

But in Jackson, [former Mizzou baseball star Ian] Kinsler sees hope.

“This is his dream job,” Kinsler said Monday after Jackson’s introductory news conference at Taylor Stadium. “If we take all the past experiences that he’s had in his life, what he’s done with his passion, his energy, his commitment and then also add the fact that he’s familiar with (Mizzou) ... it all just made complete sense that this is the right person to lead this program.”

Desiree Reed-Francois says the Athletic Department is looking at ways the program can “methodically” invest in baseball. However, the early spring Missouri weather isn’t going away.

DRF also spoke about Jackson’s approach to looking at programs as a reason for hiring him, including how he approaches all aspects of building a culture.

“He looks very strategically at programs,” Reed-Francois said while introducing Jackson. “He maximizes their advantages and he builds competitive cultures, evidenced in the two programs he has led.”

That was enough for DRF and the school to put money on the table. Jackson won’t be the SEC’s lowest-paid coach, a distinction Steve Bieser held. And Jackson has had assurances that further investment is coming.

According to a memorandum of understanding released by MU athletics, Jackson will get a raise compared to his predecessor, who made $475,000 in 2022. The new coach will get a five-year deal, with $675,000 in guaranteed compensation for 2023, which will increase by $25,000 per season.

Kortay will have a piece with his thoughts on the hire early this morning.

Yesterday at Rock M

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