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SBN Reacts: This was a close vote!

We asked who you thought would be the starter for Week 3 and it was a close vote!

brady cook imos

A quarterback competition or controversy is always a good way to ignite a LOT of conversation. With Brady Cook being the incumbent starter most of us assume he’s the most likely to wind up the starting QB. But Sam Horn displayed enough talent and playmaking in the spring and preseason that Eli Drinkwitz opted to get a longer look at both guys going into the season.

He’s promised a two week preview of each guy, hinting that he wanted to know the starter going into Week 3 against Kansas State.

So we asked the question: Who do you think is going to be the starter in Week 3?

sbn reacts 8302023

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to think when this poll was going out. I know there are Cook backers and there are Horn backers. I think most of us want whoever is going to win the most! Keeping in mind we asked what fans think will happen and not what fans want to happen, which is a different question altogether. But Cook with just an 8% advantage over Horn.

The rest of the National Questions:

sbn reacts 8302023

I’m honestly not sure how I voted here but if I’m honest, I don’t follow enough of the rest of college football to really know which way this could go.

sbn reacts 8302023

Fans are eager to see Primetime! I guess but I’m not really sure how excited I would get to watch a coach.

sbn reacts 8302023

Florida might have a rough season this year, so beating a top 25 team on the road seems like a big ask.

sbn reacts 8302023

Yeah Prime might be interesting to watch as how things go, but I don’t think Colorado will be very good this year.

sbn reacts 8302023

This is a toss up, but count me in the “South Carolina is getting overrated” group.

sbn reacts 8302023

The LSU hype is real and I’m a little surprised it’s just 2 to 1. I guess not everyone is bought into the hype? Or a lot more Florida State fans are out there than you think... and they vote!

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