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Takeaways from Tiger Talk: Week Three

Eliah Drinkwitz, Al Pogue and Daylan Carnell sat down with Mike Kelly to recap the MTSU game and preview the matchup with K-State.

Eliah Drinkwitz, cornerbacks coach Al Pogue and sophomore defensive back Daylan Carnell joined Missouri radio announcer Mike Kelly and a host of fans on Tuesday at Bud’s Classic BBQ on 9th St. to talk some Tiger football.

Eliah Drinkwitz | Head Coach | 4th Year

  • Drink started by shouting out Chris Klieman and his staff, called Colin Klein one of the best Big 12 quarterbacks of all time.
  • He also noted that, while the Tigers missed opportunities to close the MTSU game out in the second half, he was proud of the way they finished. Applauded the defense for getting key stops and the offense’s ability to ice the game. “On offense, you always talk about finishing the game with the ball in your hands.”
  • Cites creating turnovers and getting off the field on third downs as the two key areas the defense needs to improve in. MTSU was 50% (9-for18) on third downs last week. “You gotta find ways to get off the field.”
  • Drinkwitz on Luther Burden’s involvement: “Coach Moore has done a really good job in designing the offense to get him the ball.”
  • On Nathaniel Peat: “I gotta do a better job of head coach of establishing the rotation and getting him back in.” Says that Cody Schrader did a great job in closing the game. He added that the plan last game was to give Schrader the first two drives and Peat the next two, but going forward he plans on it being on a by-fatigue basis.
  • On Armand Membou: “Armand is a low drama young man. When he came in with Luther and Miller in the spring, their mindset was ‘we’re gonna play early.”
  • Marvin Burks is the first 4-team special teams player Drinkwitz has had at Mizzou. From what I can gather, that is going both ways on both kickoff and punt returns, but I’m interested to see if he lines up on the field goal defense.
  • On K-State’s 3-3-5 defense: “It’s very unique and you don’t see it all that much. It requires you to prepare differently.”

Al Pogue | Cornerbacks Coach | 2nd Year

  • On his biggest takeaway through two weeks: “The thing that has been most impressive is that the kids are not satisfied, they keep pushing each other. It speaks volumes about the culture that we have thus far.”
  • On when he first arrived in 2022: “They trust me, I came in and said ‘here’s who I am, and here’s how I can help you.’ It’s a part of the reason they came back.”
  • Called redshirt sophomore cornerback Dreyden Norwood a “plug-and-play” player.

Daylan Carnell | Defensive Back | Sophomore

  • On what brought him to Mizzou from Indianapolis: “Coach Drinkwitz was a big part of me coming here, having a real close relationship with him was a big factor. And playing SEC ball was a big factor too. The only way to be the best is to play the best.”
  • Carnell wants to one day be a coach at any level, although he plans on pursuing his NFL dream for as long as he can.
  • On what he loves about football the most: “The relationships that you build from the game of football. The guys on the team right now, I’ll talk to them forever.”
  • On how 2023 is different from last season for him: “I’m seeing stuff before it happens, and I feel more comfortable and free out there.”
  • When asked about what he would do with a completely free day: “I won’t get out of bed till like 11, I’d take my dog to the dog park, and then I’ll probably be tired after that and go home to sleep some more.” Carnell has a Pit Bull named Penny.