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Live Game Thread: Tigers and Wildcats get set for Round Two

K-State makes the return trip to COMO to take on Mizzou in a pivotal swing game.

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri 30 | Kansas State 27


First Quarter Notes

  • The first play of the game is a Darius Robinson tackle for loss. Will Howard claps back on the next two plays with a slant and a keeper on a read option.
  • Defensive tackle Jayden Jernigan walks gingerly off the field after the Howard keeper.
  • Jadon Jackson is flashing early for K-State, already has two catches for chunk yardage. This includes a pass that he caught while on his backside.
  • This is a beautifully scripted drive by Colin Klein and the Wildcats. Avery Johnson is in there at quarterback for K-State to add some athleticism in the red zone, a former Mizzou target out of Maize, Ks.
  • A tipped pass on third and goal by Jaylon Carlies results in a touchdown for RJ Garcia II. Howard was off on the throw due to pressure, but it ended up benefitting the ‘Cats.
  • Immediately we can see that the play-calling will be different this week. Brady Cook fakes an end-around and scampers for a solid gain. He follows that up with another designed run, appears that Moore is willing to let his QB use his legs early and often.
  • A tipped pass goes in the Tigers’ favor this time, as Theo Wease converts a first down over the middle to reach midfield.
  • Luther Burden burns two K-State defenders for a 47-yard touchdown. Cook places the ball perfectly as the Tigers knot things up. QB1 ran the ball three times and threw it three times on that drive. This will be his game to win or lose.
  • Was that Brady Cook’s best throw as a Tiger?
  • Phillip Brooks, the ever-dangerous return man who burned the Tigers for a 76-yard punt return last year, reels off a 40-yarder.
  • Blitzes are getting home, and a rushed throw from Howard ends up in Kris Abrams-Draine’s hands. That was the Tigers’ first forced turnover of the season.
  • Mookie Cooper now getting involved with his second touch of the season, picks up a first down.
  • True freshman Brett Norfleet in the game early at tight end.
  • Khalid Duke, who leads the Wildcats with three sacks thus far this season, is down on the field.
  • Great play from K-State safety Marques Sigle to track down Burden to prevent what was a sure touchdown.
  • Ole Miss transfer WR Dannis Jackson is targeted for the first time this season on third down, appeared to get too ahead of himself and dropped the ball. As a result, Harrison Mevis knocks through a 30-yard field goal to take the lead for Mizzou.
  • Ty’Ron Hopper shows the first true flash of his 2022 explosiveness with a great open-field tackle on a check down, forcing a third down.
  • 2:03: Blake Baker is bringing some HEAT Will Howard’s way.
  • Norfleet with his second catch of the season for a first down pick-up. Freshman is getting plenty of run early on.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Mevis’ attempt from 53-yards out is no good.
  • Missouri’s DBs are hitting Treshaun Ward hard. The only issue is the fact that the Wildcat running back is getting to that level in the first place.
  • Hopper nearly read Will Howard like a book and intercepted another pass, ball just grazes off his hands after he undercut a slant route.
  • Watching this Tiger front seven is very interesting. Their constant pre-snap communication is impressive and a true sign of a veteran unit.
  • This looks like peak Ty’Ron Hopper to me.
  • So far, the only way K-State is trulybeating this Mizzou defense is off play-design. Hats off to Colin Klein.
  • After struggling to find much space to operate throughout his career, Mookie Cooper finally gets free for a 41-yard gain, and Brett Norfleet follows it up with an incredible 27-yard catch in which he took a shot from a defender.
  • All the defenders eyes were on the star of the show, Luther Burden. Thus, Moore draws up a fake pitch to the receiver and Cook keeps it himself. This Colin Klein vs. Kirby Moore matchup is incredible.
  • Realus George Jr. picks up a sack.
  • The Wildcats are short on a 54-yard field goal, and KAD returns it back out to the Mizzou 37-yard line. The many Alabama fans watching this game just closed their eyes.
  • Cook slips on the sideline, hobbles off the field. Sam Horn enters the game at quarterback, but Cook comes back in two plays later.
  • Theo Wease Jr. and Kansas State safety Kobe Savage jawing at each other after the play. Things will only heat up as this game goes on.
  • Johnny Walker Jr. records Mizzou’s third sack of the game, putting a wrench in K-State’s final drive of the half. Drink will call a timeout to give his offense the ball back with 1:37 remaining.
  • Marcellus Johnson goes down with an injury on the second-to-last play of the half.

Third Quarter Notes

  • Cam’Ron Johnson picks up a false start in place of Marcellus Johnson.
  • Phillip Brooks loves playing Mizzou.
  • Avery Johnson, former 4-star recruit out of Maize, Ks., into the game yet again. He’ll keep it on one of these reads pretty soon.
  • Drinkwitz burns a timeout at the 10:50 mark of the third quarter.
  • Wildcats are stopped on 3rd down, elect to kick a field goal on 4th-and-3 from the 29-yard line to tie the game.
  • Luther Burden just sonned about three K-State defenders.
  • Xavier Delgado becomes the second Mizzou offensive lineman to go down with injury in this game.
  • Cook narrowly recovers an early snap that he was no prepared for. Offense has struggled in this second half thus far.
  • Ennis Rakestraw leaves the field with an injury.
  • Shoutout to K-State fullback Ben Sinnott for being an absolute unit yet still one of the more elusive players in this game.
  • A handful of penalties on Kansas State have cost them two touchdowns in the past couple of minutes.
  • Shades of Tim Tebow in Columbia as Will Howard and Ben Sinnott link up for a touchdown on a jump pass.
  • Cook with two straight dimes, first to Theo Wease on a deep crossing route and then finds Marquis Johnson for his first catch as a Tiger. Coaching staff had said that they wanted to get the freshman speedster more involved.

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Will Lee III with a clutch PBU to force a Missouri field goal. A net loss for the Tigers.
  • Great job by DE Johnny Walker Jr. to track down the elusive Avery Johnson in the open field.
  • Mookie Cooper is showing up in clutch scenarios today. A tough catch with a defender on his back to convert a third down deep in Tiger territory.
  • Cook just barely misses Burden on a great read down the field, forces Mizzou to punt.
  • Again, Phillip Brooks loves to play Mizzou.
  • On one of the biggest plays of the game, Sinnott is targeted but does not bring the ball in on a third down.
  • Cody Schrader finally finds a hole to run through to move the Tigers into K-State territory. A facemask penalty extends the play to the Wildcat 26-yard line.
  • Cook reads the play, knows that the fake screen isn’t there and instead checks it down to Burden who runs it in for a 26-yard touchdown. Great read from the quarterback to give Mizzou another lead.
  • 8:13: Hopper just erased that running play, but a facemask from Nyles Gaddy will erase the TFL. Ward breaks off a big reception to get into Mizzou territory.
  • KAD with an elite pass breakup in the end zone, causing NFL scouts everywhere to drool.
  • A great stunt from the defensive line results in Daylan Carnell getting to Howard cleanly. That forces a 25-yard field goal from K-State to tie the game with 5:29 remaining.
  • Penalties proving to be a killer for this offense yet the worst possible time.
  • The level of trust that Klieman has in a freshman QB to come in and take some snaps at this juncture is impressive.
  • K-State picks up a crucial false start as the teams trade penalties on offense.
  • Drinkwitz calls a timeout to give his offense one final chance with 1:27 remaining.
  • K-State in heavy prevent right now, Cook is taking advantage of the soft coverage with some underneath routes. Drink takes his final timeout at the 35 second mark.
  • What just happened. Mizzou took too long to decide what it was going to do, got called for a delay of game, and then the Wildcats call a timeout. Now, the Mizzou offense is back on the field.
  • A 61-yard attempt for Mevis awaits.
  • That’s a made field goal. Mizzou wins. The field is being rushes. Wow.

Pregame Updates

  • Chad Bailey appears to be working with the 2s in pre-game warmups. Mekhi Miller also warmed up, both were listed as questionable. Marcellus Johnson will start at right guard.

Game Info

Time: 11:00 a.m. CST

Date: Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023

Location: Faurot Field, Columbia, Mo.

TV: SEC Network

Fan Questions:

  1. Who will be the surprise star of the day?
  2. How many total yards will Luther Burden have?
  3. Who will force a turnover?
  4. How many tackles will Ty’Ron Hopper have?
  5. How many yards will the Tigers rush for?

Lastly, give us your score predictions and MVP for the game in the comments below!