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Takeaways from Tiger Talk: Week Four

Eliah Drinkwitz and Harrison Mevis joined the legendary Mike Kelly to recap the events of Saturday and look ahead to Memphis.

Eliah Drinkwitz, offensive line coach Brandon Jones and kicker Harrison Mevis joined famed Missouri radio announcer Mike Kelly on Tuesday at Bud’s Classic BBQ for some Tiger Talk.

Eliah Drinkwitz | Head Coach | 4th Season

  • Drinkwitz jokingly said that DC Blake Baker begged him to fake the 61-yard field and walked off mumbling when he refused.
  • Added that the field goal snap occurred as the flag was thrown on the field and that he heard the refs talking to each other about checking numbers beforehand.
  • In the ensuing field storming, Drink said that he couldn’t find Chris Klieman but congratulated a bunch of students “who were sprinting as fast to me as I was to them.”
  • “That’s what sports is about. It’s about creating memories with fans, players and coaches.”
  • Drink cited that, upon watching the game on Sunday with the staff, they noticed that the team left a lot out there, especially situationally.
  • The head man noted that the biggest gain from last weekend is confidence, not momentum which can be fleeting. “When they scored on that freak play, it could have been ‘here we go again.’” Instead, the team responded with a big play of its own thanks to Brady Cook and Luther Burden.
  • On Brady Cook and Marcellus Johnson’s status: “We’ll see where they are by Thursday. We have to do what’s best for them in the long-term.”
  • On the offensive line: “Our left side is a really strong side with X, Javon and Connor. We’re just not there yet with all five.”
  • Drinkwitz implores Mizzou fans to have some Italian food before the game, watch the Tigers win and then head over to the casino to see if the luck continues.
  • ICYMI, there are 18 St. Louis-native players on the Tiger roster.
  • When asked about what he wants to see from the defense, Drinkwitz noted that the unit needs to do better at creating pressure with four rushers, as well as not getting off balance by allowing 6-7 yard runs.
  • On Brandon Jones and why he hired him this offseason: “He’s a connector. Those players know that he cares about them off the field, and he challenges them every day in practice. He was also a former center, and I knew that we needed to improve at that spot.”

Brandon Jones | Offensive Line Coach | 1st Season

  • Jones was born in Wichita, moved to Dallas, then moved to Keizer, Oregon during his junior year of high school, which he said was a culture shock.
  • In being recruited, Jones was originally going to attend Portland State, but his coach told a staffer from Texas Tech that he was 6-foot-5, and the Red Raiders gave him a look. Jones went on to start 22 games for TTU.
  • On what Mike Leach meant to him: “He meant the world to me from when he believed in me as a recruit. He also gave me my first opportunity to coach.” Jones joined Leach’s staff straight after he got done playing in 2006, and he was a part of a legendary two-year run for the Red Raiders in ‘07 and ‘08.
  • Says the team is still trying to find the best fit at right guard. Also adds that, in working with center Connor Tollison, he has the ability to not let Tollison make the same mistakes that he did while playing.

Harrison Mevis | Kicker | Senior

  • Mevis said that he has worked with two full sets of specialists in the kicking game (snappers, holders), and added that they have all done a great job.
  • On his mindset when kicking: “The little things matter because they make the big things happen.”
  • He also said that, after hitting his foot on the ground during a kick earlier, he went to the practice net throughout the game to fix his form.
  • On his kick: “I hit a pretty good ball.”
  • Mevis’ brother, Andrew, rushed the field with his family. Andrew kicked at Fordham and Iowa State in college and is currently looking for his next opportunity in the NFL.
  • “This is the most talented team we’ve had since I’ve been here. We just want to show everyone who we truly are.”
  • On why Mizzou fans should show out on Saturday: “Because we’re going to be 4-0.”